Tighten up your Marketing with Buyer Personas and Grow your Business

February 5, 2015 / by Vicky Zancanella

Magnifiying_glass_focus_on_business_customersTired of feeling like your marketing dollars are sifting through your fingers? Are you frustrated by the shotgun approach? Ready to see your business grow?

Start with one tool that can focus your small business marketing to be more effective and leverage your resources.

Have you developed buyer personas for your business?  If not, then you should!

Having clear buyer personas for your business will improve every facet of your company. Why? How? Developing buyer personas allows you to reach your ideal customers. Buyer personas are not just for the marketing team; once you build them out, they can be utilized effectively by your sales team, customer service reps, and even your leadership team. Having insight into who your customers are and how they think will allow you to not just be a B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer), but a B2H- or business to human. And that is always more effective!

How buyer personas will strengthen your marketing and grow your business:

  1. Using buyer personas will bring the RIGHT people to your business. If you could have 100 of your ideal customers, how happy would you be? It doesn’t have to be wishful thinking. Using buyer personas in your marketing copy will attract your ideal customers. They will be happy they found you, and you will be happier with them as customers.


  1. Using buyer personas will give you insight into WHERE to invest your marketing resources. When you understand your buyer persona and learn where they are spending their time, you can then fine tune your marketing efforts to strategically place your ads where they will see them. If you find a large portion of people who match your buyer persona are actually watching TV in the evenings, then you can target your ads there. Maybe they are on a specific social media platform and you can focus your efforts there. Learning who they are and what their habits are can really lean insight to adjust your marketing strategies and be way more effective than the spray and pray method.


  1. Using your buyer persona can help you decide what types of marketing assets to invest in. If they read the newspaper, then creating content for newspaper ads and articles may be the best use of your resources. If your personas are online, creating blog articles for them and downloadable content offers could be a better use of your resources. In addition, if they are using mobile devices to buy products, you need to consider investing in a mobile responsive website.


  1. Using buyer personas helps you plan for future growth. When you understand your ideal customer, you will also gain insight into what other products and/or services they want. This insight can spur on your development of a new product, or a new location, or a new business venture. Using buyer personas helps you plan for the future growth of your company.


Bottom Line: Clarifying who you are marketing to and focusing your strategy on buyer personas will not only strengthen your business now, but allow you to grow your business in the future.


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