How Creating Buyer Personas Helped Our Client Truly Know Her Customers

February 4, 2015 / by Raquel Royers

Knowing who your customers are is extremely important when you want to market your business. Having an understanding of who your customers are, why they choose you and what their demographics and psychographics are will help you to be more successful and connect with them on a different level. Using buyer personas will help make this happen. I’m going to share a story with you today to show you what I mean.

We have a client who has a pretty good idea of who her target market and buyer persona are but we really helped her hone down on specifics. Really quick, because it’s important to know, buyer personas are “fictional, generalized characters that encompass the various needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns among your real and potential customers. They help you understand your customers better.” (HubSpot

Ok, back to our story.

Meet Mollie, our client who started a new company called Mood Swing Wines. Mood Swing Wines is obviously as the name implies, a wine company. However, it’s not just any kind of wine that anyone would buy off of the shelf; her wine specifically targets menopausal women.  

Here’s an example of what one of Mollie’s buyer persona’s looks like: 

Menopausal Mary

Personal Background:
Age: 45-55
Married with 1 kid in college and 1 in high school
Education: College degree
Goals and challenges:
About to reach that “time” or already has
Dealing with all of the menopausal symptoms of weight gain, hot flashes, etc.
Wants to loose weight but also wants to enjoy what life offers
Values spending quality time with family and friends
Shopping preferences:
Isn’t excessive but buys what she wants
Relies heavily on referrals from friends and family
Follows favorite brands and businesses on Facebook 

Once buyer personas were created for Mollie’s company, everything from there on that had to do with marketing her business kept this persona in mind. Focusing on your persona helps to target the exact customer you really want. By doing this you’re catering to their wants and needs better than you ever have before. You connect with them on a more personal level because you understand what makes them tick, what their struggles are and what get’s them excited.

The way her logo, labels and website were created and look were all dictated by her buyer personas.

Logo/Wine Label: 

Wine names: Covers off Chardonnay, Personal Summer Pinot, Zinopause, Memory Lapse Merlot, Crabby Cabby

See a trend here? Everything is specifically targeted to certain personas that are able to relate to menopause and what it’s like being a woman going through the change, but is also able to have a sense of humor about it. 

And guess what? It took off! Women love it! Not just any women, but women who are going through menopause, are about to go through menopause or have already gone through menopause. Surprise, surprise! You can market your business and still be personable, likeable and relatable.

Knowing what your business's buyer personas are will help with marketing your business and reaching your ideal target market. You’ll also be giving your customers what they really want. You will be able to meet their needs and wants even better because you understand them! Keep in mind, it’s common to have anywhere from two to four different buy personas for your business.

Do you need help establishing your business’s buyer personas and ideal target market? Want to establish a relationship with your customers and really understand them? We can help!

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