Learn How to Market Your Business to the Right People With These Quick Steps

February 4, 2015 / by Jessica Miley

Little_boy_standing_in_front_of_chalkboardAre you ready to learn a quick, easy and fun way to communicate with your customers? Connecting with your customer is a crucial part to learning how to market your business successfull. What better time to better your business than right now? Don’t worry, our suggestion isn’t too crazy and can actually be fun all while you are still creating a business full of passion and provision. What are we talking about? Well buyer personas of course!

What Are Buyer Personas?

According to HubSpot, Buyer Personas are:

                “Semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer based on real data and some select                         educated speculation about customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.”

Every marketing action you make should be dictated by your buyer persona. This gives you a guideline to not work harder, but to work smarter when marketing to your customers. You should have between one to five buyer personas to successfully know how to market your business to your current and potential customers.

Why Should You Use Buyer Personas?

You should start implementing buyer personas because this is an awesome tool that will help you understand and connect with your customers on a deeper level. Marketing can be easy if you know who you are communicating with. Once you have buyer personas in place, you can then understand the buyer’s journey that your customers are going through when they are first introduced to your product or service.  

What Can You Do Today?

Now that you see why you should have buyer personas, what you can do right now is create them. First, you need to interview your customers or send out a survey to them. Let them tell you what they want, how they make their decisions, etc. When you are done obtaining your information from your customers, you should be able to identify the following for each buyer persona:

  • Common behavior patterns
  • Universal goals, wishes and dreams
  • Shared difficulty points (personal or work related)
  • Demographics and biographic information

Once you have created your buyer personas, it is time to create marketing materials that will help guide these customers to your product to help them solve a problem or question that they have. Start simple, write a blog towards one persona. It is that easy and fun!

If you need help creating buyer personas for your business or would like more tips on how to market your business, contact us today!

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