PASSION & PROVISION – How They Work Together in a Successful Small Business!

November 6, 2014 / by Vicky Zancanella

passion and provision work togetherWhat if by investing in building a business with passion and provision, you would be able to meet your business goals faster and with more accuracy? What if you could be more competitive in the marketplace and increase your profits? You would be able to provide financial security and fuel your plans for the future of your successful small business.  

Owning and running a small company in this day and age is quite a job! In the US there are over 27 million small businesses with 540,000 new businesses being started each month. Unfortunately, over half of these will fail within 5 years. (Source: Get Busy Media

Here at Half a Bubble out we believe it is possible to have a successful small business that is:

Financially healthy

Competitive in the marketplace

Employing competent people

Enjoyable to work in

Fostering innovation

Built to last

 As you hear us talking about being a Passion & Provision Company you may be wondering what exactly we mean by this.

Provision is the basic provision of life’s necessities. defines it as the providing or supplying of something, especially of food or other necessities. For small businesses provision is the income to be able to provide for yourself, your family and your employees. Beyond food, clothing and shelter as the basic necessities, we realize that provision can and does mean so much more.

In a successful small business provision refers to the paycheck that provides, but also the safe environment, a place to work and make a contribution to something more than just ourselves. A place to provide a sense of satisfaction, contribution and purpose.    

It is that sense of satisfaction that we call Passion. It is the person saying “I really like what I am doing, and I like it a lot!” and to take it even further; people who are passionate about their work, their role, their purpose in a company are the ones who feel invested. They are the ones who problem solve, ask questions, want to know how to do it better and can find innovative ways to reach company goals.  This is a key component to helping your business thrive and prosper.

This is exactly what so many businesses are missing. They may have good employees, who may even be described as happy. But polls show that about 70 % of the workforce is disengaged in their job. This is costing companies money and holds back their ability to succeed.

A company that cultivates passion is one where leaders, management and employees are working in their ­­­­­­­­­­­­­sweet spot: aka- having the right people in the right roles at the right time. These are companies in which roles have been assigned or created to foster and encourage their passion to be fueled.

And what benefits does a small business see from their employees working in their passion?

As you have employees who are not only competent, well trained, experienced, but like what they do and are in a role/position that fuels their passion, your small business will see improvements in all areas of business. From leadership to systems and procedures, work production and quality will increase.

This type of work leads to provision. As passion increases in your business, your employees will work harder, be more productive and have less problems that take time away from the job at hand. This leads to better ROI in all areas of your business.

When your business is running efficiently and effectively, and it is experiencing sound financial status, the stress level of everyone goes down, allowing for an environment that has room and space to set goals, plan for the future and foster a sense of security for everyone involved.

As you can see, passion and provision are linked. Yes, they can exist separately, but one feeds into the other and visa-versa. There is a propulsion that occurs within each, that fuels the next level of passion and provision in your company.

What we believe is that a successful small business can have more people engaged and enjoying their job.  We believe we can have companies that thrive and produce. We believe that business don’t have to fail, they can last longer and make a better workplace and even better their community. We know businesses can be filled with passion and provision.

We believe this can happen in your small business.

At Half a Bubble Out it is our passion to train and coach small businesses to do just this. By partnering us, you can experience results that will benefit in your company by bringing both passion and provision to your small business. Contact us today! 


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