SEO Services For Small Business? That’s So ‘Fetch’

June 30, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

Tired of people not liking you? Not getting invited to sit at the “in” crowds’ lunch table? Yeah we get it. It’s a MEAN world out there, especially in the land of internet marketing. Don’t let those mean girls get you down. Read this blog to see how SEO services for small business can make your website totally fetch in no time.

And, don’t listen to Regina, fetch is definitely going to happen. Gretchen was right all along.

How will SEO services get you a seat at the cool kids' table?

You will be found

This is probably the most important aspect of your SEO services. When SEO is applied properly to your website you’ll be found by search engines, most importantly Google. Think of Google as Regina George in Mean Girls [as if you didn’t get the reference earlier on, this blog is Mean Girls themed. You’re welcome.] That’s right. Google, just like Regina, is super popular and everyone wants to be its friend but on the flipside and deep down, it's really just a big mean bully. 

that's so fetch

You will be noticed

Other sites and professionals in your industry will start to notice you and your website. They’ll begin to flock towards your website and social media accounts, hoping that they can get in on this coolness as well. If Cady Heron can do it, you can too.

Some wise words of advice from Janice Ian—get noticed for the right things. Make sure that you are keywording for the terms that you indeed want your business’s website to be found for. Be strategic about this and don’t get too cocky. Here’s some great resources for how you should keyword your website. 

SEO 101: How to Add Keywords to a Website

Website Not Being Found? How to Add Keywords to a Website like a Pro

3 Myths to Help Demystify How to Add Keywords to a Website

You’ll make a lasting impression

Want to be remembered even after high school graduation, er um, I mean even after someone leaves your website? Having SEO services on your website and having them done properly will help to keep you top of mind.

So what’s the overall lesson here? Don’t BE a mean girl and don’t LISTEN to mean girls [aka other websites and powerful search engines] that get you down. Just because you may be a small business doesn’t mean you can’t rise to the top and shine through, just like Cady Heron. You go Glen Coco!

What's your favorite Mean Girls quote?

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