The Question You Should Be Asking to Get More Fulfillment in Life & Work

July 8, 2015 / by Michael K. Redman

hand_holding_blocks_of_work_life_balanceWork is not supposed to be something we endure so we can get a paycheck to pay for fulfillment in life. Work is supposed to be part of that fulfillment. Finding a job that allows you to achieve happiness more than 50% of the time takes a while to find. Many people don’t ever find it because they remain lost in understanding the gifts and abilities they have to contribute.

The article linked below is a good, short one to read. It resonated with us at Half a Bubble Out, especially when it comes to consulting, serving our clients, and moving into the larger mission we have.  

The Highest-Paying Jobs of the Future Will Eat Your Life

The article clearly talks about the desire for companies to lure employees to stay with them by paying very large salaries. In return, the companies expect 70 and 80 hour work weeks from employees. There is clearly no life balance. There is no mention of helping people find work that is rewarding and fulfilling to them. People need to be using their God-given gifts and skills to experience a strong sense of contribution.

This article is amazing to me because it’s from Fast Company, a major publication, and finally describes the motivation behind many companies paying high salaries and providing all kinds of perks at work. Perks such as food, dry cleaning, entertainment, etc. These companies will pay super high salaries as a “bribe” for 80 hour weeks, just to save money in the long run.

We all need to make a living, but work is also super important as an expression of who we are and our gifts. At Half a Bubble Out we believe that quality of life is a balance of work, relationships, health, finance, community, leisure/rest, and faith.

We want to pay a fair and generous wage to our employees, along with creating a place where it’s good to work as part of your life and not all of it. It’s something we like to call passion and provision

I’m not saying we shouldn’t continue to grow in our profession outside of the normal 40 hour work week. The idea of professional development is important for all of us to continue to learn and grow in both our personal and professional skills.

Start today by asking yourself and your employees this question: How are you going to use your gifts and abilities to work on personal and professional development at [Your Company] in order to become a better [Your Job Title]?

If you’d like to learn more about what it means to run a company with passion and provision, contact us at Half a Bubble Out.

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