What Our Inbound Marketing Company Staff is Scared of Most

October 30, 2015 / by Paige Gilbert

scared_staff_looking_at_computerGhosts, goblins, zombies, and witches got nothin’ on the scary stuff that may sneak up on an inbound marketing company at any given moment. It’s not the danger that lurks in the deep web. It’s not the mystery behind the curtain of the all-powerful Google. It’s not even the creeper factor of the suspiciously timed emails we receive relating to a conversation we just had. If you dare, keep reading to learn what scares the inbound marketing staff at Half a Bubble Out, and how we slay these marketing vampires sucking the blood out of your business.

Our Internet Marketing Coordinator says:

 “What scares me is gaining Googles’ dreaded disapproval. I try and stay up on what to do and not to do for Google rankings by keeping up to date on news and algorithm changes. I’d recommend small business owners do that.”


Just like shifting shadows, Google is constantly changing how it ranks websites. Your small business can keep up by utilizing the services offered by an inbound marketing company, to make sure your site doesn’t get spooked by Google changes.


Our Social Media Director says:

 “As a social media director, posting to the wrong accounts scares me, such as posting to a different client on accident and talking about bunions and foot care when that client talks about property management.


Or, when a personal account of someone in a business starts posting to the business social media account and they don’t realize it. It can easily happen on Facebook and can get weird and potentially damaging for a business.”


“Also, reviews scare me!”


People aren’t always what they seem. Make sure you’re extra cautious and always double check that you're in the social account you think you’re in.


When it comes to nasty reviews, don’t become a scary ghost story. Respond quickly, respectfully and take them with a grain of salt, but keep them in mind because they can be helpful. Use the positive reviews to your advantage and for marketing purposes.


Our Executive Assistant says:

“I’m terrified that personalization in emails will go wrong. For example, [Hi First Name,]

I'm terrified that an email will go out to the wrong list.

I'm terrified that an awesome CTA offer, when clicked, will go to a 404 error page and no one will get our awesome content downloads!”


Both tricks and treats abound in the world of online marketing, and an inbound marketing company can help a small business clear the cobwebs, pay attention to details, and solve the problems that resurrect from the graves.


Our CEO says:

“My fear is getting behind in the curve because everything changes all the time!”


The only constant in life is change, and that can be downright frightening! At Half a Bubble Out we pay attention to industry trends, value staff development, and help your small business take off any mask or disguise to help you authentically tell your story.


If you’re ready to implement an online strategy and are looking for a trustworthy inbound marketing company, contact us at Half a Bubble Out.


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Since 2002, Half a Bubble Out has been dedicated to providing marketing, advertising, and small business consulting that meet the needs of our clients. We specialize in powerfully telling stories through inbound marketing to grow your business filled with more passion and provision. Based in Chico California, we serve clients throughout Northern California and across the country to New York.

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