How Social Media Management Companies Can Resurrect Your Content

August 21, 2015 / by Jessica Miley

Hand_coming_from_graveYou spend a good chunk of money creating great content that is helpful and optimized for search engines. But then what? Sure, you should be getting constant hits from organic search but what about the other ways content can be shared?

There's email marketing, social media marketing and more. You didn’t even think about using social media management companies to boost your content, did you?

Keep reading to learn more about how properly utilizing social media can help resurrect your content from the grave - that is, content buried in Google.

Share on Social Media Business Pages

Having evergreen content is great to re-share on your social media pages when it's relevant. Just because you shared a blog on your social media pages when it first posted doesn’t mean that it can’t be helpful to your followers later on in the year. This is where having a company that manages your social media comes in handy.

Use Social Sharing Buttons on Content

When you read a blog, it's common to see social sharing buttons that allow readers to share your content. Having these buttons can also help shed new light on older content because it's circulating on social media again. Social media management companies can help you set this up and manage it so you don't have to worry about it.

Using Content to Build Relationships

One of the great reasons for a business to consider researching social media management companies is to have a team constantly monitoring your social media on all your different platforms. When your customers use these platforms to ask questions, give feedback and engage with your business, you are represented.

But how does this help bring attention to your content? Social media managers can share your evergreen content via social media to help answer questions or help bring solutions to problems. This is how you build relationships.

Now that you know a few of the reasons why you should have help with your social media, did you know that Half a Bubble Out is one of those social media management companies? We help our clients manage and strategize their social media accounts on a daily basis. Check us out today and let us help you grow your business via social media.


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