Leadin: Small Business Can Now Get a Taste of Inbound Marketing Software

September 9, 2015 / by Jessica Miley

I have a dream, that all small businesses can get a glimpse of the good life we as HubSpot software users have. I have a dream that a smaller budget won’t stop a small business from viewing website analytics, monitoring contacts and more, which is the core of what inbound marketing requires to be successful.

What if there was a software that helped you begin implementing an inbound marketing philosophy with your small business without breaking the bank?

My dream is now a reality! That reality is made true by Leadin.

What is Leadin?

If you're a small business owner then you are in luck. Leadin is an inbound marketing software that gives you the basic tools to help monitor, analyze and improve your business’s marketing. Leadin first began its venture as a Wordpress Plugin. But we are proud to announce that Leadin can now be integrated with any website! That’s right, if you have a website that is hosted on any platform, then Leadin might be a perfect fit for you. As of right now, Leadin is a free add-on that your small business can start using today.

What Does Leadin Do?

  • Creates contact list of your visitors when they fill out a form
  • Import your contact list to your email system (click here to see if you use a partnering system) to help make your email marketing seamless
  • Pulls public information that is found on the internet about your contacts that include social media accounts, where they are located, where they work, etc. to provide a personalized experience.
  • Create pop-ups to help with lead conversion
  • Provides performance analytics for your website and more!

Who Is The Perfect Leadin Customer?

If you're ready to start giving a personalized experience to your potential and current customers then this software is perfect for you. If you dream of having more insight inside your website and your customer’s lives, then Leadin is right for you. The software is quick to download and easy to learn. And now it doesn’t matter where your website is hosted.

Leadin is a great start to implementing an inbound marketing philosophy. It gives you the basic tools needed to understand your website traffic, get to know your customers, and begin sending helpful emails while getting familiar with what a strategic marketing plan should look like. When your small business is financially capable of purchasing a larger, more comprehensive inbound marketing software like HubSpot, you will be ready to take the plunge.

Now that you know what my dream has been, does this sound similar to your dreams? Do you have a dream of a low risk software that will help you market your business? Then check out Leadin today!

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