Is Your Successful Small Business Messaging Strategy Really Effective?

November 28, 2014 / by Jessica Miley

Effeciency_Button_on_Keyboard_for_a_Successful_Small_BusinessDo you have the best marketing for your business? Most people will try to take their budget, listen to their reps at the different radio and TV stations and try to purchase as many spots as possible. We are here to say that strategy will not get your successful small business that is full of passion and provision to the top of your industry. But why is this wrong? 


First let’s break down what frequency is. Frequency is how often you are telling people your message. This pertains to blogs, social media posts, radio/TV spots and more. If there is an aspect to your marketing that involves getting your business message out there, chances are frequency is crucial to ensure that your efforts are effective.

Why Does it Matter?

People don’t necessarily care about your business in the beginning. This is why it is important to have the frequency of your message. You need frequency to be successfully remembered. This changes what the brain thinks is important. So when people are faced with a problem to solve, they will most likely use your company to help them solve it if it is relevant. This is a way to create a successful small business that can compete against other companies in your industry.

How Do You Do This?

Science tells us that in order for our brains to remember something, we need to be exposed to the same message for a long period of time. At Half a Bubble Out we use this rule of thumb: at least 3 times a week for 52 weeks a year. When your potential customer listens to your message that many times, they will then have that message in their long term memory. From there, those potential customers will have your company at the top of their mind.

Start focusing on frequency within your marketing and business strategy and you will eventually see a difference. Remember this won’t happen overnight. Do you need more help with frequency or creating a successful small business full of passion and provision? Contact us at Half a Bubble Out and we can start helping you today!

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