How to Convert Targeted Website Traffic Into Leads

January 13, 2016 / by Jessica Miley

lotr_meme_leadsWhen you look at your website’s analytics, you may find that you have a traffic flow that you're happy with. You may even see a gradual increase in your numbers when you compare reports month over month. So you have people looking at your website. Whoop-de-doop. Those views don’t mean anything if you don’t have a way to retrieve their information and nurture those visitors into customers. How should you convert targeted website traffic into leads?

Website Basics

Before we get into different ways that your website can convert traffic into leads, let’s start with the basic understanding on what a well-crafted and maintained website can do for you.

A well put-together and thought out website can be like an all-star employee that's working for you 24/7. Imagine not having to pay this employee over-time or even give them lunch breaks. Your website can eloquently communicate the style and message of your brand, what products and services are being sold and so much more. Your website can demonstrate your company’s reliability and competence all while your employees are at their respective homes watching their favorite TV shows and getting ready for bed. Sounds like a dream, right?

What is even better is that you don’t have to have a salesperson cold calling prospects or buy lead lists in order to increase your sales.  

Here are a few ways that you can take your website to the next level and convert targeted website traffic.

Compelling CTAs

Having flashy and compelling clickable buttons that offer something useful or wanted by the people who view your website (your traffic) is a great way to have somebody start engaging with your website. These call-to-actions will lead to landing pages that have forms to collect visitor's information to turn them into leads. BUT, these CTA’s have to have good design, catchy copy, and communicate the message of the content. CTAs that are well placed on websites can increase your likelihood of catching leads.

Comprehensive Landing Pages

Landing pages that are connected to CTAs and dispersed through social media and other outlets, need to clearly communicate what the benefit of downloading the content is and can even include a small list of what is provided in the downloaded content. Then the prospect will be inclined to give their contact information in the form and boom! They have become a lead that you can now nurture through your sales funnel.

Pop-up Forms

Have you ever visited a website that had a pop-up form that snuck by your internet settings and offered to sign you up for a free webinar or maybe even a discounted yearly price for your favorite magazine? These pop-up forms can be annoying if you aren’t properly selling to your targeted website traffic. But if you know what your potential or current customer wants and would like to sign up for, then pop-up forms are a great way to capture those leads.

Opt-In forms

There are several different locations on a website where a general opt-in form can live. These include the side bar, the header, at the end of blogs and more! Forms don’t have to live on landing pages that are connected to CTAs. Forms can be found on different pages throughout your website, which gives your website viewers the opportunity to become a part of your mailing list without having to immediately purchase something.

Every marketing move and decision you make requires you to remember that you're strategizing everything from the copy, the placement, and even the images to appeal to your targeted website traffic. This may seem like a tedious task but we can guarantee that the results will be rewarding - your website traffic will turn into leads. Then when you have those leads and their contact information, you can start guiding them down your sales funnel - with a little strategy (let’s be honest, a lot of strategy) you'll end up with delighted customers.

Does this sound like something that you'd like to start implementing on your website? Or maybe you don’t know if you even have a good website? Then contact us at Half a Bubble Out. We understand how difficult it can be to convert targeted website traffic into leads. We would be happy to evaluate your website, help you get those leads, and turn those leads into customers. 

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