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January 28, 2015 / by Vicky Zancanella

WonderMop_Woman_mopping_kitchenAre you tired of feeling like you’re not reaching your target audience with your small business marketing?

Are you looking for good business ideas to help you craft your content to communicate even better and reach your target audience?

If you are willing to take the time to understand the people you are marketing to and how they take in information, then there is hope for your marketing!

Put yourself into this situation and find out how using personality temperaments in your marketing can help your business attract your ideal customers.

Imagine you have a brand new product- the WonderMop. You are ready to market your amazing new product to your potential buyers, more specifically moms. They are one of your main buyer personas that you have chosen to market to by sharing your amazing product to make their lives easier. Although you have a few other buyer personas in mind, this is the one you have chosen to focus on for your next campaign.

But how can you speak even more clearly to moms? There are so many mops on the market, how do you communicate more clearly to your future customers?

You can do this by speaking their language in your marketing and speaking to the needs of your ideal customers.

First off, building out a buyer persona is a good business idea. This is the fictional character that encompasses the characteristics of your ideal customer. In developing buyer personas for business, marketers generally consider the demographics which describe your customer: male or female, age, income level, ethnicity, geographic information and so forth.

From this, you can begin to create marketing copy that speaks to your “mom” persona. She may be feeling tired and overwhelmed with all the chores she needs to do, so you decide to market the WonderMop focusing on the features that make it a wonderful aid in the kitchen and how it will make this mom’s life easier.

But what about the mom who cares more about her family’s health than making her life easier? What about the mom who wants to get the job done, but have fun at the same time? What about the mom who cares about choosing the best product on the market with proven results? Or the mom who cares about relationships and spending quality time with her family and not her mop?

To make sure you are not leaving out a group of moms within your buyer persona, use the Personality Temperaments as a tool in writing your marketing copy.

Here at Half a Bubble Out, we start to think beyond just the demographics to what drives your buyer persona. We use the  four main temperaments to help craft a message that will resonate and reach new customers.

We ask questions like:

  • How do they view the world?

  • What about their hopes and dreams?

  • How do they make decisions?

  • What do they value?

  • What are their preferences when it comes to making decisions?

  • And how do you know?

Well, we do know that there are four main temperaments that all humans have. Depending on the temperament of your “mom” persona, she will process information differently and have different values.

We have the Methodical Moms who value plans and procedures and being as effective as possible, the Spontaneous Moms who want to do something now and they value fun, the Competitive Moms who want to understand the big picture and value being the best at whatever they put their mind to, and the Humanistic Moms who value relationships and are very in tune to how their decisions affect others.

As you create your marketing copy and communicate your story, use these personality/temperaments to communicate more effectively and help them understand your company and your product:

The Methodical Mom wants to hear: “The WonderMop has 3 settings that will allow you to reach corners, cover large areas as well as the edges of your floor for a complete shine.”

The Humanistic Mom wants to hear: “The WonderMop allows you to care for your family by providing a clean surface for your kids to play on and present to your guests you invite into your home.”

The Competitive Mom wants to hear: “The WonderMop provides a cleaner floor surface. It out shines and out disinfects the competition.”

The Spontaneous Mom wants to hear: “The WonderMop helps you quickly get the job done, so you can play with your kids!”

When you are ready to connect your marketing copy with your target audience in a more personal, relational and inspiring way, start by using the temperaments to adjust your marketing copy. When you speak their language, it shows them that you value what they value and you will watch your customers connect with your products. It is a good business idea to inspire your marketing!

Since 2002, Half a Bubble Out has been dedicated to providing marketing, advertising and small business consulting that meet the needs of our clients. We specialize in powerfully telling stories through Inbound Marketing to grow your business filled with more passion and provision. Based in Chico California, we serve clients throughout Northern California and across the country to New York.

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