Strategize How to Market Your Business Using Personality Temperaments

January 26, 2015 / by Jessica Miley

Confused_customer_thinking_of_multiple_thingsCommunication is ingrained in every part of business that we do. One of the most important parts of your business is how you communicate with your potential and current customers. How do you persuade people into thinking that your business will satisfy a need or want with your product or service? Creating trust between you and your customers helps you know how to market your business and be more successful. But how do you strategically do this while still having a passion and provision company?

First you need to identify how you need to communicate with your customers. As businesses, we normally start with using demographics and psychographics. At Half a Bubble Out we challenge you to take it a step further. Using Myers Briggs four temperaments will help you understand your customers which will then help your team write and edit marketing copy. When writing with the four temperaments in mind, your customers will feel like you not only understand their needs, but that you know how to satisfy them. Let’s go over the basics of temperaments and how they prefer to process information and make life decisions.

                Methodical- Systematically processes, wants all of the facts

                Spontaneous- Immediate results, fast steps, wants fun 

                Humanistic- Relational, journey focused, accomplishing things together

                Competitive- Wants to be the best, have the best, loves the big picture

Now let’s go over how to start implementing this strategy in your business today.

Identify Main Customer

Every company will have different types of customers. But you need to target your main customers, because these customers will bring in the most revenue. For example, do you know how to market your business if you sold weed whackers? Who would your main customer be? In this case your main customer may be 25-40 year-old males. You will have other types of customers too, but first focus on who makes up the majority of your customer base.

Define Main Needs and Wants

Now that you have identified that 25-40-year-old males are your potential customers, let’s figure out what they want and need in a weed whacker. This customer group is made up of temperaments. Let's speak to each temperament by telling them what they will get out of using your weed whacker.

Methodical- These customers will want a weed whacker that is thorough, and will get the job             done the first time. 

Spontaneous- These customers wants immediate results with this weed whacker while being           easy to use.

Humanistic- These customers want the weed whacker to help them on their yard-maintenance journey, and create relational harmony with their significant other or neighbors.

Competitive- These customers wants the weed whacker to be the best, and probably wants the latest model too, so that his lawn will look the best.   

Write About Your Product

After looking at what your main customer’s potential temperaments are, it is now time to write a sentence or two about how your product or service will satisfy the needs above.

Methodical- Our weed whacker has 5 settings that allows you to get that well-sculpted lawn the         first time.

Spontaneous- Want a beautiful lawn today? Our weed whacker will make your lawn                         maintenance quick and easy!

Humanistic- Our weed whacker will be at your side to help you get the lawn that your neighbors         will love.

Competitive- Want to be the envy of the neighborhood? This weed whacker is the best on the market and will give you the best results.

Write Blog

The next step is to write a blog to this customer by writing to all four of the temperaments. If you do not have a blog on your website, then you need to start one asap. Blogging for your business will not only increase traffic to your website, it will establish credibility as well as give you content to promote on your social media accounts. Now back to your first blog writing to the temperaments. This blog will include the solutions that your product or service will give your customers to help satisfy their needs or wants.

Publish Blog

This step is pretty easy: hit send, post, etc. to make your blog live. Before you do this we recommend somebody editing your blog. Two sets of eyes looking over written material is always better than one set. In the editing process you can also make sure that you are writing properly to the different temperaments and your main customer.    

Write Again

Now that you have your first blog written to the temperaments, it is time to go back and do it again for your other customers. Do you have a product that appeals to women? Or a different age group? Don’t be afraid to write different blogs to appeal to your different customers. This is how your business will show that you understand their wants and needs and will motivate them to purchase your product.

Getting your groove when writing to temperaments will take practice and more research. But when you know how to market your business by improving your communication strategy, you will see the benefits. If you need help building your strategy, building a blog, or even someone to write your blog, give us a call!

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