How to Add Keywords to a Website and Reach Your World Cup GOOAALLL!

June 26, 2014 / by Vicky Zancanella

463615439You know you want to. You know you want to be the winner, to be the hero of the game, to kick the winning goal and have the whole stadium roar. 

Well, even if you are not an amazing soccer player, you can be the hero of the game, or at least your website. You can learn to add keywords to a website like a World Cup player but it takes more than just wearing a jersey and showing up.

The World Cup comes around every 4 years and people all over the world tune in to watch the best players in the world battle it out for the title of World Champions. For some, this goal is set in childhood and they focus on reaching it their whole lives. To then score a goal in the World Cup and to see your dreams become reality - now that’s pretty awesome!

Speaking of goals, check out this article with the Top 10 World Cup Goals of all time; and here is one of my personal favorites to get you in the mood for reaching your goal and learning what it takes to add keywords to a website.


Adding keywords to a website takes preparation. It takes agility. It takes a deep understanding of the game and how it changes. Adding keywords to a website takes strategy. And this my friend is a winning combination to get you to reach your goal.


Do your research on which keywords are the best for your industry and your business. Start by researching what your future fans (customers) are searching for. What are their questions, needs, and desires? How can you provide the answers, solutions and meet their needs? Get your list of keywords - ones that have a high search volume and a low difficulty.


Don’t get stuck on how to add keywords to a website by doing it the same old way each time. Things change, algorithms shift and you need to be on your toes. Practice your craft, stretch yourself and then you will find out what you are capable of.

Understand the Game

The game of SEO is changing all the time. Google makes changes to its algorithm and how it ranks websites continuously. If you are not keeping up with changes you may see your keyword strategy start to suffer. Be aware, study the game and stay up on the latest game changers.


You have goals you want to reach. How do you plan to reach them? Map out your strategy and make a plan to reach those goals. Although you need to be agile and flexible as the game shifts, having a plan will allow you to reach your goals.

To sum it up - You can’t keyword a website and walk away if you want to reach your goals. You need to be tenacious about sticking with your strategy, be agile when the game changes and always stay on top of the latest changes to understand the game and how it is being played.

You have to keep coming back, adding new pages, adjusting your strategy and continuing to optimize your website. Check out how others are staying up on their game. Remember, your competition is out there preparing, analyzing and strategizing how they will take the World Cup position #1 from you, so be on your guard and be prepared for the next epic match you encounter.

Bottomline: To reach your goals, do whatever it takes to learn and then practice, practice, practice!


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