Think You’re a Pro At Adding Keywords To A Website? Think Again!

June 2, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

business man adding keywords to a websiteWe bet you think you’re pretty darn good at adding keywords to a website. Well, there are some things that you are most likely leaving out that can help improve your website and SEO. Want to know what you’ve been missing out on or doing wrong? Keep reading to find out.

The most important thing when it comes to keywording a website is to stay consistent and remain natural. We often see these two things done so poorly on other sites and many people just don’t get it.

We want to share the secret with you. We want to help inform others. Most of all, we want YOU to become the best at keywording your website.

Stay Consistent and Be Patient

Choose keywords that are relevant to your industry that you would like to rank for in search. These keywords should be terms or phrases that your ideal customers are searching for. You need to use these throughout your website content and well as in your blogs. Be patient! It takes times to rank for keywords because you’re competing against thousands of other websites! Blog consistently and stick to a certain keyword strategy and you will see results.

TIP: Choose long tail keywords. Why? Because these keywords are easier to rank for since they are more specific and less people are searching for them. They are more targeted and will help you get the traffic that you really want.

Be Natural

This is one of the biggest mistakes we see people make when it comes to adding keywords to a website. Just because your keyword may be a long phrase or word it doesn’t mean you need to type that entire thing over and over again in your content. In fact, that looks horrible and people recognize it—and get annoyed by it. Not to mention Google hates it, and trust us you don’t want Google on your bad side. Keep it natural, keep it smooth and don’t cheat the system.

TIP: If you wouldn’t be able to read it out loud and use it in a conversation because it sounds too structured or robotic, you’re doing it wrong.

Here’s some helpful advice from Matt Cutts—head of Google’s spam team.



businessman runningWell what are you sitting around for? Now you have the knowledge of what it is you have been doing wrong all along. You’ve got a website to update! Or if you want more information here are some related articles that are more in depth and will help you throughout the process.

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Now that you actually know how to add keywords to your website the RIGHT WAY, we think you’re ready for this keywording cheat sheet which will help you take it to the next level and learn more in depth details on how to really make your website shine and rank higher than your competitors.


How to add keywords cheat sheet

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