Why Blog: It’s a Man’s Best Friend

May 25, 2013 / by Vicky Zancanella

A Blog is a man's best friendAs the saying goes, a dog is a man’s best friend. But today I’ve decided a blog is a man’s best friend. Well, a woman’s best friend too. Okay, really a blog is anyone’s best friend, but specifically a blog can be your best friend!

How in the world can a blog be a best friend, or even a friend, let alone be friendly?  Oh, let me count the ways (to quote Elizabeth Barrett Browning).


To start, why blog in the first place?

Because you have something to say.

Because you have something to contribute.

Because you have something of value.

Because by blogging, you can share it with the world.

Believe it or not, others want to hear what you have to say.

Some of them need to hear what you have to say.

Some need the encouragement.

Some need to be entertained.

Some need answers.

Some need advice.

Some just enjoy reading for reading’s sake.

So that gives one a bit to think about when asking the question, why blog?


There are many good reasons to blog. But for those of us who want to share with others, interact, do business and live in community, blogs give us a way to connect online. They have become an amazing tool to market yourself, your ideas, and build your platform.


Why Blog?

Whether you:

  • are creative in the kitchen and want to design a recipe book or someday open your own restaurant

  • stay at home with the kids and want to start your own online business

  • own carpet cleaning business and want to build relationships with customers and share tips

  • are an expert in the medical field who writes to educate his patients on proper health care

  • aspire to be an author, poet or novelist and just need a place to write and get feedback from others

Why Blog?

A blog is your best friend!  It will always be there, waiting for you to return, wagging its tail in delight that you have decided to spend time with it.

For fun, here is a video of dogs welcoming home their owners from military duty. Even if you are not a dog lover, this video will make you smile. And oddly enough it was created and posted by a blog-


Why Blog?

A blog can bring you joy when you feel the love and appreciation of others by their comments that praise your ideas and thank you for being so helpful and knowledgeable.

Why Blog?

A blog needs time and attention. If you don’t spend time training and disciplining yourself to blog, it won’t behave the way you imagined. It may not respond the way you would like, just as a dog that doesn’t get the training it needs from his master, a blog needs your intention and focus.

Why Blog?

Just as talking your dog for a walk can allow you to meet new people and strike up conversations you never would have otherwise, a blog can connect you with people you would have never had the opportunity to without it!


Why Blog?  There are numerous benefits to you as an entrepreneur or business owner.
  • It’s easy to publish online- anyone can do it, really!

  • Blogging has a lower cost than many marketing or advertising campaigns.

  • A blog helps boost your website traffic because you are producing new content on a regular basis and answering people’s questions. They can find you if you set up your blog correctly! Read our blog on how blogging can get you more clients.

  • Blogs are entry points into your website- people may not be searching for your business name exactly, but when they read your blog about tips on cleaning their carpet, they then may go to your website to check out the services you offer and choose to hire you. It’s like adding more doors to welcome them in!

  • Blogs are in it for the long term. An article you write and post stays on the internet. Even someone searching for information can come to a blog you wrote years ago.

  • Your blog establishes you as an expert.  When others see what you have to say and share about a topic, they will come to you for answers, because after all you are an expert at what you do!

  • Blogs allow for personal connection with your potential customers or current customers. We don’t always have time to sit down with others one on one to talk and share. Blogs give you that ability without having to make individual appointments with everyone.

So now, when someone asks the question "Why Blog?", you will be able to share the many benefits to blogging, especially to entrepreneurs and business owners.

One last reminder:

Why blog? Because your blog attracts people who will become your supporters, advocates and future customers!

…..And to reiterate; your blog is your best friend.


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