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February 5, 2013 / by Michael K. Redman

How Blogging Attracts New Clients
and Fuels Your Internet Marketing

internet marketing consultant blog typedYour blog is the center of your internet marketing strategy. It is both a magnet and the fuel for all kinds of fantastic and incredibly important pieces of achieving your goal to get more clients or more customers. The blog allows you to do so many things that are important to your internet marketing strategy, and any Internet Marketing Consultant would be completely remiss if they did not recomend that it be near the center of any strategy you adopt. Look at what having a blog will do for you and your business.


A blog will help you grow your business and
earn you more customers by:

  • Attracting more people to your website, like a super magnet
  • Getting them to stay longer on your website when they visit, like super glue
  • Getting them to return to your website after they leave, like an addiction to super sweets
  • Seeing you as an expert in your field that is actually helpful to them, like a hero showing up at the right time.
  • Ultimately converting more people into customers, like your marketing engine is supposed to do.

Why a Magnet, Why Fuel?

Your blog is a magnet because you can shape the content to answer the questions people are asking on the internet. Google sees this as important and rewards you for it. Your blog is the fuel because it becomes relevant and valuable information every growing business relationship runs on. 

Just like a magnet, the bigger it is, meaning more blogs, the more people it will attract. Just like fuel in your car, if you stop putting fresh quality content into your marketing or business engine then you won't get very far. Nothing to say = no new clients or customers = no cashflow

So lets briefly look at the role blogging can have in attracting new visitors. In our next blog we will look at how it helps you turn more visitors into clients once they are there.

Attracting Visitors in 3 Important Ways

To understand how a blog attracts new visitors it is important to understand how Google works, at least in this context. Remember, 69% of all searches happen on Google and the higher your rank the more people will click through to your site. So how does Google rank websites? Let’s look at 3 of its requirements and how blogs can help you meet those requirements.


    1. Your website needs content that is relevant to what people are specifically searching for.

    Internet Marketing Consultant google search box
    When a blog post has the same phrases that people are typing into their search box then Google rewards you by grouping you with all the other websites that have done the same. If you do your keyword research correctly and then write your blog with those keywords you will become more relevant to people searching. If you're asking how to do keyword research or even, what is a keyword, we will cover that in the 3rd step of this series.


      2. Your website needs new and fresh content because Google believes that new content is better than old content.

        internet marketing consultant new content image

        This is especially true in our world of technology. If you blink you can become outdated and irrelevant; and remember Google wants your website to be relevant if it is going to show it to its customers. You don’t want Google to show you a 5 year old website when you're looking for answers to your new cell phone, do you?

        So that means when you create new blog articles Google sees you as even more relevant and rewards you with an even higher ranking than those that don’t create new content. And don’t you want a better ranking than your competitors?


          3. Your website needs new content frequently and I’m not talking once a quarter.

            Internet Marketing Consultant timeline sketch
            So how often is enough?  To start, more often than others. When Google visits your site it grades you. It then compares your website to others in that topic. You get more points for fresher content and that helps your ranking for that phrase. We recommend blogging twice a week. This is frequent enough to rank well and build traffic over time. And remember, the more search terms you rank for the more people you can attract.



            As you can see, a blog allows you to have a place on your website that you can create new webpages with new content which Google considers a good thing and rewards you. When you move up in the Google ranks you get exposed to more people, more people will click through to your site and ultimately you get more clients.  In the next blog we will talk about how your blog helps you after someone visits your website for the very first time.


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