Why Blog? Yahoo Spends $1.1 Billion Because Blogging is Big Business

May 21, 2013 / by Michael K. Redman

Yahoo TumblrI try and let our clients and readers know when something important and relevant to Internet Marketing is happening and today is one of those days. Yahoo bought Tumblr, a major online blogging software company, for $1.1 BILLION.  Once again an internet company has sold for a lot of money and some say it might be too much.  You think?  The reason this is significant is because it's a blogging company and Yahoo is investing heavily because they believe it will be good for their business.  The fact is that blogging is becoming more and more popular and as an industry is maturing quickly.  So, Why Blog? You should blog in your business because it works and the Yahoo acquisition is evidence of the value of blogging.


What's the value of blogging for business?

If you are one of our clients or have been reading our blog for any time at all you know that we believe in blogging as an important tool for marketing and building your business. 


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Inbound marketing is the process of using things like blogs to attract people interested in your services or industry. This means there is more competition for the people searching the internet; but using the internet and a smart blogging strategy can ultimately cost you less to find new customers.


Blogging is a significant part of inbound marketing.  The bottom line is that more and more people are on the internet doing research for everything in the world, especially the more important issues in life.  We don't go to libraries any more; we sit down at the computer and Google it.  We want articles that educate us. Blogs are one of the most popular growing tools to publish that news and information.


To read an article of todays events read the USA article or watch this video.

So what does it mean that Yahoo bought a blogging company?

It means that if your company doesn't have a blog and you are not publishing an article at least once a week you are:

  1. Missing a large opportunity to reach a growing audience that is actively looking for what you offer.
  2. You are falling behind your competition every week that goes by because if they aren't blogging yet they will be soon.

Everyone is asking about whether Yahoo spent too much or if it was a good or bad decision.  I think that only matters if you own stock.  For the rest of us it is one more large signal that blogging is important to have in your portfolio. 


At Half a Bubble Out Marketing we use blogging in all of our client's campaigns and in our own.  We help them set it up, learn how to write for this new medium and even do the writing for some of them.  The bottom line is that internet marketing is changing and this week's acquisition is one more large indicator of the significance of blogging in this new age.  The question of the hour is, "Why Blog?"  The answer is a large and loud, Yes, if you want your business to be competetive in the long term.  We believe it so much that we are taking our own medicine.  See you here tomorrow on our blog.



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