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April 1, 2013 / by Michael K. Redman

How Email Lead Nurturing Helps Get You Customers 

inboxYou say to yourself I need more customers and ask, “How am I going to do that?”  You then realize that you have heard a lot about using your email and your website for marketing.  You call an Internet Marketing Consultant who gives you some good advice on what to start out with. You then set out to get some work done.  You set the website up, get some Calls-to-Action on it, you direct those to Landing Pages, have Free Offers to download or to sign up for and after your visitors give you their information you send them to a thank you page that you carefully set up.  That’s it.  You sit back in your chair with a smile on your face and enjoy this moment.  It feels good. No, it feels great.  You invested all that time and did all that hard work yourself and it’s starting to work. 

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Over time the people start to sign up and you start counting the money that will role in, but wait!  There’s a problem. Those people signing up on your forms aren’t coming back.  They’re not calling and they’re not buying anything.  So you call up that Internet Marketing Consultant and ask what HE screwed up, because I’m sure it’s not you.  Then he asks, “did you set up the Email Lead Nurturing after they download the free offer?”  You think to yourself, what email lead nurturing thing?  “I missed that. What is lead nurturing? Can you explain that again for me?”

Lead Nurturing using email is another part of your internet marketing strategy, and a way to follow up with people who have shown some interest. It’s a fairly automatic process once you set it up.  Here’s how it works.

You start with the assumption that people might show a little bit of interest but need to be reminded over time that you are there and that you have something of value for them.  So you write five emails that you will send out over time after they download your free offer. For example:

  • 1st  day – A thank you email
  • 3rd  day – Did they find the download helpful and offer another link to helpful info and your blog.
  • 7th  day – Offer another helpful tip and  a “by the way if you need our help please call us for a free consultation” or send them to a blog article.
  • 14th day – More helpful thoughts, suggestion to read your blog or to give you a call.
  • 20th day – Break up email. This email gives them one more option to come back for more but you also tell them that you realize not everyone needs what you are offering at this time so you will not bother them again unless it is a special offer.

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These emails will actually work to increase the number of people that return to your website after their first visit.  By spending the time to write these 5 emails ahead of time you can schedule them to automatically go out on these pre-arranged days after they sign up for you free offer.  This will serve several purposes.

  1. Build repetitive impressions to help you become top of mind with the visitor.
  2. Nurture them along by giving them more opportunities to see your competence.
  3. Give them an easy chance to click and return.  They don’t have to remember you or your URL.
  4. Build up a psychological effect of familiarity.  It takes 6 to 9 impressions for a person to trust you enough to take the next step. (This is approximate but experience tells me it is close.)

The bottom line is that it works, and it works well with the other pieces of your internet marketing strategy.  Even on our own site I can see these people return again and again because of my analytics software.  The links that they click on in the email allow me to see that they came from those links.  I have seen people come back all five times we sent an email.  The ultimate goal is to get more people to come back so more people can move further down the sales funnel.  It works like this. (the following example is based on average percentages.) 

With Email Nurturing

Without Email Nurturing

3000 people a month visit to website

3000 people a month visit to website

90 people download the offer

90 people download the offer

40 people come back by the 5th email

1 person comes back to the website

9 people contact you for more info

0 people contact you for more info

1 person a month becomes a client

1 person every 6 months becomes a client

calendar clockWould you like 1 client after 6 months or would you like 6 clients after 6 months?  That is the power of Email Lead Nurturing.  As an internet marketing consultant I’m here to tell you it can be a lucrative return on your investment for 5 emails.  Maybe it would take you a couple of hours but after one year you would have 12 new customers compared to maybe 2.

How much is that worth to you?  Click below and fill out one of our forms to get your free download offer and you will see how we actually write our Lead Nurturing emails.

Good Luck.  It’s well worth the time.

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