Amazing Inbound Marketing Solutions That Will WOW Your Customers

May 14, 2015 / by Jessica Miley

Woman_excited_about_inbound_marketing_solutionsYou have a goal. You want to knock the socks right off of your customers with your marketing efforts. We know exactly what you need. You need inbound marketing solutions that you can easily implement and start getting the job done. You may or may not be familiar with these solutions but let’s look at companies that took it to the next level.


With the growing popularity of blogging, customers are using and trusting blogs as a way to research and learn new information. One great blogger is Seth Godin. His blogs vary in topic and length, but are always engaging and helpful. Want to know what a successful blog looks like? Check it out here. Blogging is one of the most popular inbound marketing solutions that you need to take advantage of today. Your customers are waiting for you to share your quality information delivered in this specific format. Get on it.


Free content is always great when it is helpful to your customers. E-books are no exception! Want to learn more about e-books in a fun and exciting way? Then check out this free e-book on e-books by Jonathon Kranz. It gives examples and even a checklist for you to use when creating your own e-books! Super Cool.


Having personalized emails sent to your customers’ inbox will not only remind them of your business, but is a great way to increase engagement. Birchbox is an online beauty product distributor for both women and men. This company wanted to offer its users a discount for another company’s product and used creative email copy to get their attention! Email can be a great way to personalize a message to your customers and still be an effective marketing tool. The trick is to not be boring or spammy!  Birchbox_Email

                Email found on HubSpot blog

Social Media

This inbound marketing solution is a popular one. It seems that the smart and savvy businesses are finally jumping on the social media bandwagon and developing some type of presence on social media. But how do you stand out and get people to choose your social media platforms to engage with? You do this by being different.

Below is a tweet that a businessman sent to Morton’s Steakhouse asking for a special delivery to an airport in New Jersey. Guess what happened? The steakhouse delivered a delicious steak meal to the businessman at the Newark airport! This not only gave Morton’s Steakhouse brand exposure, but it began to build relationships through social media. Cool right?Tweet

                Tweet by @petershankman that sparked the steak delivery

These awesome inbound marketing solutions will take your business to the next level by wowing your customers. Don’t be dull or offensive and you most likely won’t have marketing efforts that suck.The trick with every campaign or strategy is to be creative and know your target audience.

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