Why Millennials Still Need Social Media Training

August 26, 2015 / by Raquel Royers

millennial in social media training They fall asleep staring at a Twitter screen and wake up to check their Facebook. Some of them have never known a world without internet, and some even without social media networks. There isn’t a meal that gets eaten without first Instagraming it, but first let me take a selfie. #Yum. Who are these people? Millennials.

Who are millennials exactly? Millennials are anyone born between the years 1980 and 2000. They’ve gotten a rap for being the “me me me generation,” meaning they are self-centered and entitled.

For some reason, employers have come to think that if they hire a millennial they will automatically be a “social media guru” and won't need any kind of social media training. This is far from the truth. Yes, they may be proficient at updating their Snapchat feed and impress you with their social media “lingo”, but are they able to update your Twitter feed for your business or respond to a negative review in a professional manner? This is why millennials still need social media training.

“Because somebody grows up being a social media native, it doesn’t make them an expert in using social media at work,” says William Ward, professor of social media at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. “That’s like saying, ‘I grew up with a fax machine, so that makes me an expert in business.” (HootSuite)

When you give a millennial, or anyone for that matter, complete access and control of your business's social media accounts they have a lot of power and responsibility. If something is posted that is not professional or is damaging, social media works fast and can be very unforgiving.

Combined with some of the other predispositions of Generation Me – idealism, entitlement, a need for instant gratification, and recognition – this can be a recipe for trouble. “Companies hire millennials because they think they’re good at social media. Then their bosses discover they don’t have those skills and get frustrated.” Ward says, noting that social media expectations are often higher for millennials than for older workers who may be just as inept. (HootSuite)

Reasons Why Millennials May Need Social Media Training:

They don’t know how to do social for business

As we’ve already noted, social media for business is MUCH different than social media for personal use. Varying from platform to platform the way you post, speak and interact with followers is different and requires the knowledge and experience of someone who is familiar with using social for business. Thus, receiving training from a social media company is important!

They don’t know how to analyze and crunch data

Doing social media well and successfully for business requires you to understand numbers, data, how graphs work etc. As well as being able to present the information during meetings, to your bosses and most importantly to clients. Providing social media training will teach them how to view analytics, interpret them and know how to use them to create goals and see success with social media for your business.

They don’t understand professional networking

While millennials are great at updating statuses, scanning feeds and building a following, they may not understand how to also use it as an opportunity for professional networking. Networking on social media is a craft and takes experience. It’s very easy to turn someone off online and have them take things the wrong way or think that you’re not being authentic and instead are being spammy. Included in training are things like reputation management, knowing what you ‘shouldn’t’ ever say on social media and so on.

So, have you hired a millennial to man your social media accounts? Is that why you’re reading this? Or maybe you’re thinking about doing so? Whatever the reason, we can help offer social media training to your employee so that you see the most success possible on social media.

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