What NOT To Do With Your SEO Leads

June 16, 2015 / by Paige Gilbert

goldfish_getting_caughtYou’ve been putting a lot of time and energy into implementing your online SEO strategy. You’ve redesigned your website, done your keyword research, wrote really helpful eBooks, brainstormed some killer blog topics, and created social media pages. You’ve cast your net out into the open online sea and now you have some bites. You’re so excited to get some interest that you failed to plan what you were going to do with the SEO leads once you captured them. If you want to keep reeling in the leads, there are 3 things you absolutely should not do.

Don’t Buy Leads

There is a difference between a company offering SEO services and offering to sell you SEO leads. Buying leads is frowned upon because it’s going against the very essence of inbound marketing – providing helpful, quality content people are looking for, attracted to, and love.

You also can’t verify the quality of leads you’re acquiring. If they aren’t genuine they will end up just costing you time and money.

Do This Instead:

  • Conduct keyword research
  • Make sure your website is working for you
  • Create forms and downloads
  • Start building your own opt-in list when people subscribe to your blog, fill out a form, and contact your company
  • Be patient
  • Use trustworthy SEO services to create a holistic strategy

Don’t Ignore Your Leads

Your SEO leads are a precious commodity and they won’t stick around your part of the ocean for long. They have become a lead because something you’re offering caught their eye. They took the bait so to speak.

  • They may have typed in a search term online, your website popped up in the search results, and they clicked on the link.
  • They found exactly what they were looking for on your website in the form of an eBook and filled out a form to get the information.
  • They read your delightful blog article and it made them smile, so they subscribed.
  • They read local reviews and your company is seen positively, so they give you a call.
  • A friend of theirs shared your post on social media that caught their eye and they clicked through.

After any one of the above actions you have a small window of opportunity to get in touch with your leads. Don’t leave them hanging.

Do this instead:

  • Call them back if they contacted you via phone or have requested a consultation
  • Create a thank you page that pops up immediately after they fill out a form
  • Since you’ve captured their contact info, they’ve opted in – you can add them to an email list
  • Nurture them through an email campaign

Follow up with your leads is key, or else they will forget about you and find another business – your competitor – to fill their need.

Don’t Forget About Them

With all of the information available online your SEO leads are easily distracted. If you forget about them, they will forget about you and will swim off to see what the next shiny lure is offering. Failure on your part to have a strategy in place that keeps your leads engaged and gives them opportunities to become a customer will leave you dangling.

Do this instead:

  • Add them to an email nurturing campaign
  • Follow their actions with your company
  • Periodically send them targeted updates or offers
  • Convert them to a customer!

If you’re doing this whole inbound marketing thing correctly, turning your SEO leads into happy customers will lead to more, well, leads!

Does this all sound like a lot of time and effort you just don’t have? We know there are a lot of fish in the sea and you could choose anyone to work with, but we invite you to contact us at Half a Bubble Out to see if we’re a good fit – we’re ready to help.

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