What I Learned From Making a Killer Content Marketing Plan

July 17, 2015 / by Paige Gilbert

Yo_Quiero_Killer_ContentEvery once in a while I get a hankering for Taco Bell. My craving usually hits when I’m stressed, pressed for time, don’t have much in the fridge, or conveniently forgot the healthy salad I made the night before. Not long ago, my content marketing plan was kind of like my desire for Taco Bell – unhealthy.

Although sometimes a necessarily evil, I know that Taco Bell isn’t the best thing for me – so why do I give in? Because it’s become a habit of sorts. It’s an easy grab and go alternative to a healthier choice. My writing used to be like that too. I got into the habit of a grab and go style of writing until I took the time for the healthier alternative – making a plan.

Before making a content marketing plan, I would schedule time to write, but when I sat down to actually do it, I had no idea what to write about. Some days were better than others. I knew the keyword I needed to use and the general topic of the article, but then I would always have to ask myself: Did I write about this angle already? Did I already use this title? Or I’d have complete writer’s block. This would lead to stress because I was running out of time, and had other articles without ideas that needed to be written, which inevitably would lead to a Taco Bell drive-through.

So, for the betterment of my physical and professional health, I decided to take the advice of nearly every great inbound marketing writer/blogger/content creator on the internet and create a content marketing plan. I don’t know how I functioned before without one. Here’s what I learned.

Scheduling the time to make a content plan, saved me time in the long run. By taking the time to brainstorm blog topics around a keyword strategy, I know exactly what I’m going to write about when I sit down at my keyboard, instead of wasting time trying to come up with something out of thin air.

I don’t have to brainstorm alone. My co-workers think differently than I do, so pulling them into my brainstorming sessions helps to create fresh, new ideas from different perspectives.

I can justify my actions. When I write about a specific topic I know why I’m writing about it. Usually, it’s because real people (and potential customers) are asking certain questions, we’re providing helpful information around a topic people are searching for, or every once in a while, we’re testing a new idea and seeing how it works out.

I don’t have to plan out months in advance. This is the part that originally seemed really overwhelming to me – trying to organize a content strategy in a spreadsheet for the next gazillion years. Currently, I plan out blog topics one month in advance. This feels very attainable to me. I hope to plan further out into the future, but for my content needs now it seems to be working and I’m good with that.

My content writing world is much saner. Author Gretchen Rubin says, “Outer order contributes to inner calm.” I love this! Because my writing now has order in the form of a content marketing plan, I feel calmer, more confident, and more efficient.

The habits I’m developing by creating a content marketing plan are making me a better writer – and a better eater! I still love a trip to Taco Bell, but now it’s usually to enjoy a deserving cheesy gordita crunch as a result of creating some killer content marketing.

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