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October 12, 2015 / by Chris Vande Lune

Do you want more customers for your business? The answer is most likely “YES!" You’re in luck with today’s marketing landscape, because there are more internet marketing options than ever and you can reach your target market in many different places. The following list is made up of key internet marketing solutions that are being used, so look it over and see where your business is at and what you need.


Different Types of Internet Marketing Solutions

Content Marketing

This is kind of a blanket area that covers all of the content you'll create for your site, such as blogging, eBooks, videos, podcasts, website copy, and anything else you create to be helpful for your customers.

Content is at the heart of everything else you'll do in one way or another. Whether that excellent article about refinishing an antique dresser brings someone to your site or trust is built as you consistently explain your company’s message, great content is essential for getting more customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has one of the highest conversion rates of all types of internet marketing. Getting a list of customers who are interested in your business is valuable because it has become a popular way to build relationships with customers and increase sales. This isn’t spammy email, however. We’re talking about an email list that users have chosen to be a part of. That fact alone means you're targeting people who want you to target them and there will be a higher chance of conversions.

A good example would be an email list from a nursery advertising gardening tips to someone who subscribed because they wanted to actually read gardening tips. They find it interesting, and will probably appreciate special offers and discounts too, which can bring in more customers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This may sound technical, but let’s make it simple. SEO is what you do to “show up on Google”. That’s easy to understand, but there are many factors that go into good SEO, from carefully chosen content to title tags on your webpages. The main point is, if you invest in good SEO and your site starts showing up on Google for relevant queries, you can potentially gain a ton of customers.


*The image above shows SEO results on the Google search page (organic free listings).

Social Media Marketing

If you’re reading this blog, you're online and there's a very good chance that you're one of the many, many people who use social media. Don’t be fooled, though - a business page on Facebook is very different than a personal page, and social media really needs to be done right. A good social media presence is basically required for today’s internet marketing, and can be an incredibly valuable resource for building your brand. When done right, you can get a lot of customers from your social media activities.

Paid ads

A lot of the above-mentioned internet marketing solutions are longer term strategy efforts. If you want a way to show up in front of your customers now, and to be very specifically targeted, paid ads can be a great way to do it.

All you have to do is set up a Google AdWords account if you want to show up when someone searches Google in the top and side ads sections. There is still quite a bit of detail, and you want to make sure this is done right so you’re not wasting money. The benefit is you can start showing up immediately. The downside is each click costs, so you have to have a budget for it.


*The image above shows Pay-Per-Click ads as they show up on the Google search page.

Also, Google AdWords may be the most popular of these methods, but you can advertise on the Bing/Yahoo network and even set up Facebook Ads. With the right strategy, these methods can bring you a lot of customers.

Google My Business Listings

This one is free, but basically if you're a local business you want to make sure Google knows you are around so that when they show local search listings your business will show up. This includes being listed on a map when someone searches for your type of business in your area. Check out the Google My Business homepage for more information.

Here is a great intro video on how Google My Business helps your customers find you:

When you have a business and need customers, you have many options online today for reaching your target market. Check into these internet marketing solutions and see what your business is doing well and what you need to add to your marketing. If you are considering hiring an agency, download the free eBook below:


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