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July 23, 2014 / by Jessica Miley

Grow_your_business_chartSo you are new to Google AdWords or maybe you are questioning whether you have been doing them correctly at all. Either way it is important to know the basics of AdWords to ensure that you are taking the steps to grow your business, not being frivolous with your actions and spending.

Know the Basics

AdWords are online advertisements that are strategically placed by Google on websites that are relevant to your product or service. You are able to track how successful your ads are, how much you have spent and more by logging into your account. You can also make adjustments to your ads and change keywords at your convenience. Your ads will reach the right people, at the right time and in the right location. Doesn’t that sound good?

Understand Different Keywords

There are three different types of keywords. Keywording properly is a concept that you need to know and understand to use AdWords successfully to grow your business. They are broad, phrase, and exact match keywords. Using these keywords properly is crucial in have success using AdWords.

Broad Match: example - restaurants in Chico - is the keyword that is entered without brackets or quotations. This means that Google will place your ad anywhere that restaurant and Chico shows up in a search.

Phrase Match: example -“restaurants in Chico” - is the keyword that is entered with quotations. This means that Google will place your ad anywhere that keyword shows up in that specific order in a search.

Exact Match: example - [restaurants in Chico] - is the keyword that is entered with quotations. This means that Google will place your ad anywhere that the keyword shows up exactly in a search. 

Create original and relevant ad copy

To ensure that your ads are the best they can be, you must look at the ad’s copy. Is your keyword present in your ad copy? The keyword should be present in the headline and in the body of your ad. This helps optimize your ad for the best placements. Be creative and don’t be afraid to try something different!

Set Limits on Daily Spending

In order to have control over your AdWords, it is good to keep a budget. Setting a budget allows you to set daily limits on AdWords spending. Before adjusting this budget, you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture that is your business. There are many things to evaluate to ensure that you get the biggest bang for your buck. These include looking at your conversion rates, average clicks, etc. to decide to make some adjustments.  

This just shows that it is important that you monitor your AdWords to ensure that you grow your business. You shouldn’t just set up the AdWords and think that they will take care of themselves. In marketing we know that in order to constantly grow we must analyze what we are doing now and figure out what needs to be done to improve. Google AdWords are no different.

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