Successful Small Business Tips: The BEST Way to Promote Events/Sales

December 9, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

promote_your_businessWhen your business is having a sale or event that you want people to know about, an important part of your marketing strategy is promotion. In order to have a successful small business and successful sale or event it’s critical to know the best way to go about promoting something. To have the best outcome follow these steps! We guarantee your next promotion will have the best turnout it’s had if you follow our advice.

First off, what is promotion? 

Promotion is basically the act of marketing a single one-time event. Let’s use a concert for an example. It’s a one-time event and is very time sensitive. The band comes to town and then the band leaves the town. You don’t know if they will ever come back to your town. However, they promote for every single town they are coming to.

Ok, now that we have an understanding on what promotion is, how do you do it so that you see success in your Passion and Provision company?

What People Want

Make sure you are promoting something people want. Make sure not only YOU think it’s great but other people also think it’s great. Just because you think a German yodeler would be super exciting to see, 98 percent of the population may disagree. We know, we know. It’s a shame. Jokes aside, make sure your event or sale is something people actually want.


For any kind of promotion to work you need frequency. When you are doing an event or sale you do not have the luxury of time and can’t operate under the typical frequency schedule or 3 times a week, 52 times a year.

So, here’s your new formula:

If your event is on a Friday at 8 p.m., you’re going to start advertising at 7 p.m., 6 p.m., 5 p.m. and so on.  It’s more important to promote closer to the event and then move outwards because promotions rely on people’s short-term memories. You need to promote as close to the event as possible for people to remember and want to come.

Frequency is what gets people to go to things they wouldn’t normally go to. This is one of the reasons why frequency is such a big deal when it comes to having a successful small business.


Your reach depends on what your budget is and how many people you want/can fit at the event. Whatever you do, do not violate frequency; you will ruin the ENTIRE thing.

Message Quality

Frequency and reach can overcome a mediocre message. But, if you can strengthen your message, sharpen it and address the overt benefit, reason to believe and significant difference, the more effect your promotion will have. In turn, the more successful your business will be.  


This is all of the different channels that you pick. Pick one channel first, accomplish that and then move on to another if your budget allows it.

We guarantee that if you follow these steps to promote your event, you will be much more successful than you have with promotions in the past.

Half a Bubble Out can help you create and implement successful promotions for your business. We are a Passion and Provision company that helps small businesses all over the United States become successful. We specifically serve businesses in the Chico, Redding and Sacramento, California areas.  

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