ROI of Inbound Marketing and Generating New Leads Online [Stats]

March 3, 2015 / by Vicky Zancanella


Are you looking for solid numbers and facts to help you make your decision on implementing inbound marketing into your strategy? Making business decisions can be difficult and we want you to have the most information possible to make an informed decision. If getting more qualified leads is something that interests you, then keep on reading and we’ll show you why inbound marketing might be the best decision you can make for your company.

In 2015, a new study completed by an MIT Sloan MBA student, researched the ROI of using HubSpot’s Marketing software and implementing an Inbound Marketing plan.


What did they find?

Companies experienced not only a high growth of their leads online, but the majority of companies saw a significant increase in sales revenue within the first year.  Those companies who implemented an inbound marketing plan and utilized the HubSpot Software were able to objectively identify and quantify the sources of their growth and validate their return on investment.  So let’s look at some of the results.

Based on the number of leads per month a compnay had prior to starting to use HubSpot:

Companies with less than 10 leads saw:

  • 6.46x growth in leads in the first 6 months
  • 6.98x growth in 1 year
  • 8.52x growth in 2 years

Companies with 10-49 leads saw:

  • 4.24 growth in leads in the first 6 months
  • 4.80x growth in 1 year
  • 5.00 growth in 2 years

 Companies with 50-499 leads saw:

  • 2.23x growth in 6 months
  • staying the same at 1 year
  • 2.66x growth in leads after 2 years

Companies with 500-4999 leads saw:

  • 1.04x growth of new leads in 6 months
  • 1.62x increase in 1 year
  • 1.28x increase in 2 years

Overall when companies used HubSpot Software to run their inbound marketing plan, they saw an increase of leads by:

  • 3.15x in 6 months
  • 4.77x in 1 year
  • 5.72x in 2 years

These increased leads resulted in 72% of the companies experiencing a significant increase in sales revenue within the first year and the ability to objectively evaluate where that growth came from. 

Are you still questioning whether Inbound Marketing can have an immediate impact on your company’s website traffic? Increase lead generation online and bring in more customers?  The ability to accurately measure the data is the first step in developing an Inbound Marketing plan and the last step in determining the results. 

Check out a few of the charts below that give you a teaser into the 2014 State of Inbound Report. Every year HubSpot conducts a study to prove that inbound marketing can increase the success in your business.






If you would like to learn more about inbound marketing or how to start implementing it today, go ahead and contact us today!

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