Proven ‘Selling Words’ That Will Help Grow Your Small Business

December 30, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

sales_149493541Selling a product or a service to someone can often be a tough feat as a small business. People have so many options when it comes to purchasing something in our marketplace anymore. What if I told you that certain words you use in your content and sales pitch can help you sell more products and/or services?

Awesome, right? This is information you definitely want to know if you want to grow your small business in 2015 and years to come. 

As a business owner or salesperson, you know how hard it can be to sell a product at times. Using certain key words and phrases can help you convert those leads easier. Once you start using these words and are aware of them and how they are changing the way you sell things, you’ll be amazed.

The human brain likes hearing certain words, especially when it has to do with buying a product or service that they have been debating about or are in the decision making stage with.

You just have to try it out for yourself to see the real power in it. Give this helpful article a read to start learning!

The Ultimate List of Words That Sell

Posted by Emma Snider, HubSpot

1) You

Selling is about your prospects, not about your company. A simple way to make that clear is by using the word "you" as much as possible. Think back to your childhood -- did your parents ever tell you it was impolite to talk about yourself? Apply that rule here. Every time you might be tempted to phrase a sentence from the perspective of your company, find a way to rework it to make your prospect the subject. 

2) Value

"Customers don't care about features and benefits," Colleen Francis, owner of Engage Selling Solutions, writes in her book Nonstop Sales Boom. "They only care about value and achieving their objectives." Again, it's about them, not you. Skip over all the amazing features your product or service contains and instead make it clear how your offering will create value for your prospect's business. 

3) And

This is a clever replacement for "but" when dealing with criticisms or objections. The word "but" signals to the prospect that you are about to utter a statement that runs counter to what they'd like to hear. "And" by its very nature is inclusive -- you seem to agree even when you're disagreeing. Consider these two examples from Sales Coach Shamus Brown:

"I see that you only have a budget of $50,000, but let me tell you why our system costs $100,000."

"I see that you only have a budget of $50,000, and let me tell you why our system costs $100,000."

Brown points out that the second sentence acknowledges the prospect's budget, while the first steamrolls over the problem and makes the buyer feel ignored. What a difference one word can make.

4) Do

Many sales experts recommend using "do" instead of "try." For instance, instead of "I'd like to try ..." say, "What I'll do is ..." This makes the seller seem competent and trustworthy, and boosts the prospect's confidence in them. 

5) Or  

If you present a single proposal to a client, you only give them the option of accepting or rejecting. But if you present them with two or three different variations on your proposal, suddenly you've doubled or tripled your odds of receiving some form of a "yes." So in negotiations don't just ask if they'd like to sign the contract, ask if version A or version B or version C is preferable. 

[To Read the Rest of the List Read The Original Article: The Ultimate List of Words That Sell

Now that you know which words trigger certain things in the human brain when it comes to the buying process, try it out for yourself! Its been proven to work and can help you grow your business if used in your sales strategy.

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