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October 18, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

linkbuildingHave people told you that you need to start backlinking your website to other websites in order to be seen or get visitors? Maybe they’ve told you that you need to comment on other blogs and drop a link in order to link build. Or maybe you’ve heard that it’s best to just hire an SEO firm that will go drop your links around for you in order to create a successful business online. 

Well, unfortunately these are things that many business owners are told about and they can turn out quite bad. While some types of link building are bad for your business other strategies can be quite effective and successful. It’s all about knowing which strategies are acceptable and seen as good marketing in the industry.

We’ve seen many clients come in who had used a link building service and their entire credibility and website ranking was destroyed due to bad strategies. While we won’t get into all of the details, a good term to know is “black hat link building.” Stay far, far away from this. While it’s an old school strategy, some businesses still fall for these techniques today.

Google hates black hat links. You know what that means; If Google doesn’t like that type of strategy and your business is doing it then Google doesn’t like your business! As you can imagine, that’s not good at all. Google is how people find your website, your content and become leads.

While we believe it’s best to hire a marketing and public relations agency that has full experience with SEO, link building, and inbound marketing strategies to do this type of work for you, we think it’s important to help educate as well. Check out some strategies that some experts in the marketing industry use to help give their websites that extra boost.

We’ll only be sharing a couple of these experts’ opinions here on our blog, but there are about 30 others to read if you continue to the original link. We strongly consider you do, there’s some great marketing information.

33 SEO Experts Share Their Most Effective Link Building

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Brian Massey

Conversion Sciences 

I don't know the best way to get backlinks, other than writing awesome, kick-ass content and sharing it on social media like crazy.

However, I do know how you should capitalize on your backlinks.

1. Create backlinks to pages that ask the visitor to do something. Treat highly-linked pages as landing pages. 

2. Embed offers IN THE CONTENT. Blog posts should have offers in the text. Infographics should include an offer at the end (or middle). 

3. When you invite someone to link to your story, give them a trackable link. This can be as easy as using a URL shortener like Bitly or Captix. You can also tag your URLs for tracking in Google Analytics. 


When someone asks you to contribute, give them a (trackable) link!

Rand Fishkin


My top 3 link building strategies are as follows:

1. Content creation + social amplification - consistently producing useful, interesting stuff that has a clear audience on social media who'd help amplify it (because it serves them in some way), is a great strategy that yields on-going returns month after month. It's a flywheel in that it's hard to turn those first few times, but gets easier and easier with time.

2. Thought leadership + bios & interviews - thought leaders in any field earn links simply through their day to day activities, e.g. speaking at events, being asked to contribute to interviews, going on podcasts, doing online hangouts, etc. 

Establishing that thought leadership isn't easy, but nothing that's truly strategic in link building is. Don't underestimate the ambient power of thought leadership for links, though - it makes the process much easier.

3. Online tools, calculators, and interactive data - these types of resources earn links and citations like no other, and sometimes, all it takes is a single resource (think Statcounter's Global Stats, Zillow's price estimates, Walkscore's Walkscore, etc) to kickstart massive, on-going links. 

[Read More: 33 SEO Experts Share Their Most Effective Link Building]  

We’d be happy to help you implement good strategies to help grow your business and become successful. We’d like to help you stay on track and implement the best strategies for your business instead of making mistakes, such as bad link building.

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