How To Not Be Annoying While Using Link Building Services

December 30, 2013 / by Raquel Royers

Commenting on blogs that are relevant to your industry is a great way to build links to your website. Link building services are a very important aspect of your internet marketing strategy, but making sure you’re not being annoying is just as important.

Link Building Services


Poor link building—It has such a bad reputation. If link building were a kid in high school it would be having a hard year that’s for sure. However, link building is still an effective method to bring people to your page, share content and create relationships. Here are four tips to remember next time you are using link building services:


Don’t Link Bomb


We’ve all seen it. You go to someone’s blog and there’s that person who is not making any sense in their comment or all they are doing is posting a link. We all know what they are doing. It’s easy to see the only reason they are commenting is to fulfill their link building quota at the end of the month. Do not be one of those commenters! People will scroll on by your comment and not pay attention.


That’s a surefire way to be an annoying link builder and to cause your business to get a bad reputation. It also may result in you being banned from posting to that website and potentially others too.


Don’t Just Do it Anywhere


Choose wisely where you are going to utilize your link building services. Make sure it is relevant to your industry. For example, if you are posting a link back to a cosmetic surgeon's blog regarding the pros and cons of facelifts, it should be posted on a blog or forum where they are discussing that very thing.


Also, you want to make sure the website or forum you are posting in is credible, well visited and has a good reputation online. What good is it going to do if you are posting on a site that has a bad reputation or that no one knows about? Tools that can help you determine this are checking out the Alexa score of a site and its domain authority.


Be Mindful


Remember that you are posting on someone’s blog so be mindful about what you are writing and linking to. Also, others who come along to read the blog are likely to read your comment. If you are sending links to your website and are commenting under your name or your company name, you could be jeopardizing your relationship by posting irresponsibly. So, comment when you actually have something valuable to add to the conversation and if you really do think a particular link would be a helpful resource for others regarding the topic. (Search Engine Watch)


Build Relationships


Yes, most of the time you have one goal in mind, and that’s to get people back to your website to read your content and choose your services. But, thinking of your reputation, put that goal aside and think about first building a relationship. It’s better to comment on the blog once before without posting a link to establish trust and to show you actually care about the content and want to offer helpful advice and resources. The next time around, sure, feel free to leave a link.


Check out this short video from Matt Cutts, leader of the Webspam team at Google. He often answers questions about link building services. This one in particular asks, “If a site linking to mine gets caught selling links, what happens to my site?”




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