Google Cracks Down On Bad Link Building Services

December 16, 2013 / by Michael K. Redman

Link Building ServicesHappy Monday to everyone.  I wanted to pass along this blog from Search Engine Land that talks about all the changes in SEO especially around link building.  I want you to understand and be kept up to date with all the changes.  If you have been talking with me at all in the last 6 months you have probably heard me talk about link building and how it has changed.  Many of the people who come to us looking for help have heard or even invested a lot of time and money in link building strategies because they helped people rank better in Google.  

But many of these techniques were “Illegal to Google” and they are punishing you if you or your SEO company used these BAD  techniques.

If you don’t know what link building is here is a short answer.

Link building is the process of somehow acquiring links on other people’s websites that point back to your website.  Google uses them as part of its scoring system when it evaluates your website to see what ranking to give it. It used to be the more links the better, but now Google wants them to be "quality links."

Think about links as referrals or references.  If you get them they need to be legitimate links or “referrals.” Imagine this, if you were to pay someone to be a reference for a job that reference would be suspect if not unethical.  That is what Google thinks of anyone paying for links or conspiring to get links from a network.  The short answer is don’t do this.

Read this short blog and keep up to date and if you need help evaluating or fixing your links and improving your Google Rankings please give us a call.  We are here to help.

Have a great Monday

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(Search Engine Land) Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, announcedon Twitter that Google has gone after another link network, this one is named

Like with Anglo Rank, the link network Google outed the week prior, Matt Cutts took a line from their marketing material and then said “Au contraire!” This is the way Matt Cutts tells the SEO industry that Google is actively going after link networks and to stop participating in them.

Here is Matt’s tweet about

Google squashes backlinks

















[Original: Google Squashes, Another Link Network Outed By Google's Matt Cutts]

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