Inspiration: The Key to a More Competitive & Successful Small Business

January 15, 2015 / by Raquel Royers

goldfish_jumping_from_inspiration_101710809Inspiration is something that is difficult and challenging to do, especially as a business. Inspiration happens when you don’t just talk about the facts but you talk about what could be and you give hope. In the business world talking about these things can be a bit fuzzy for people because it’s difficult to evaluate.

The reason you need to be inspirational as a business is because it produces happier people. When the employees in a company are happier, they are more efficient and effective, thus making them more productive and your passion and provision company more profitable.

But first, what exactly is inspiration? 

To inspire means:     “to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence.”

                                    “to fill or affect with a specified feeling, thought.”

                                    “to influence or impel.”  

The reasons you should pay attention to being inspirational as a successful small business are: 

  1. It will help your business and employees achieve above and beyond
  2. Inspiring is leading from the front, which creates good leadership. To get to walk without pushing them [employees] is good leadership but inspirational leadership is when they actually follow you with excitement and more than just the original, typical energy.

So why is inspiration important for customers?

  • Inspiration helps to understand what the customer wants and needs
  • What motivates one person doesn’t always motivate another

Apple is a great example of a company that uses inspiration in its marketing. Yes, Apple has been talked about over and over again and is often used as an example but it’s such an easy and low hanging fruit on this topic that it can’t be ignored. Apple has done a great job of inspiring everyone from its employees to customers to other businesses. Take this iPad commercial as an example:


After watching that, try to tell me you don’t feel inspired! Apple often does this with all of its advertisements, but this one especially exudes inspiration, AND makes you want to buy an iPad. It is a marketing tactic and Apple has to make a profit after all. But as the customer or the viewer, it doesn’t make you feel as if the company is doing it for that sole reason, which is the key to successfully being inspirational as a business.

The motivation for you as a business owner is that having inspiration be a part of your business will make you, your business and your employees better. Better than your competition. It takes hard work and it’s a challenge but it WILL make you better. Being inspirational is a major way to create more profits and create a better work environment for your employees. Just know, if being inspirational were easy, especially as a business, everyone would be doing it! 

While it is hard, inspiration is possible for anyone who wants it and is willing to work hard enough to have it be a part of their successful small business. We can help you get there!

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