Creating a Passion & Provision Company is What Makes Employees Happy

August 26, 2014 / by Paige Gilbert

employee happinessRemember that feeling when you were just beginning college? The world was at your fingertips. You could do anything. Be anything. Go anywhere. Maybe you had no idea what that was exactly, but you knew you wanted to create your own successful small business.

Well, life happened and by the time you graduated, you just needed a job to provide for your family. So you took the first thing that was offered to you – a desk job in a lonely office, in a bureaucratic environment, that you hated. It really sucked. But, you soon realized what you cared about the most was working in an environment where you felt truly valued, did something you enjoyed, and actually looked forward to going to each day. You promised yourself that if you ever were able to have your own small business, your employees would be happy.

You may not have heard of it in these terms, but what you were looking for is a Passion & Provision company.

A small business that has both passion and provision is important because it takes into account everything you do. From details like systems and procedures to building engagement. The smoother it runs, the more positive the work environment will be, creating happy employees. A place to work that values employee engagement isn’t always easy to find, but you know it when you do. You know the second you set foot in the door. For some people it’s the difference between a:

Boring, stark, depressing space like this...

depressing small business

...And a bright, open, happier place like this:

happy small business

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the exact distinction between the two. Besides all the physical features, like paint color, office furniture, and lighting (although these do matter!) what sets a passion and provision company apart? It’s walking in the door and thinking “Wow! This place is so cool! It just has a great…feel!”

People don’t always know what that “feel” is, but a leader who is doing their best to create passion and provision knows. It’s a community of smiles, open discussion, a sense of safety, and people working together as a team. It’s a place where employees are engaged, people feel valued, and all the details work together like a well-oiled machine. It’s a work environment that produces happier people, who know what’s expected of them because there is clear communication, and most importantly – trust.

It’s when a marketing agency is interviewing for an internship position, and at the end of the interview the candidate, who had spent 10 years in Iraq and is just re-entering the market place says: “I haven’t seen a team like this since the military.”

What a compliment to the agency! Its sense of comradery, support, trust, and employee fulfillment came through in a short 30-minute interview. That’s a Passion & Provision Company.

Passion and provision is the essence of a successful small business. It’s creating a community that benefits everyone. It’s forming a company that’s profitable and growing, has a culture that’s engaging, and motivates the people who work there to do the best they can do. When people matter, people flourish.

Is your small business a passion and provision company? Do you want it to be? Contact Half a Bubble Out to learn how we can help!

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