How to Create Quality Blog Posts for Internet Marketing

September 4, 2014 / by Jenna Redman

Quality blog - internet marketingThinking about creating a blog, more specifically a quality blog? Are you trying to figure out what needs to go into one? Or are you just looking to make sure yours is top notch enough to earn you visitors? When it comes to creating a truly successful blog, there are some internet marketing best practices that you should definitely be doing.

1. Create Unique Educational Content

The key to being found when people search a specific topic is to write about something that users wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Not only is it important that your content is unique, but you have to make sure that you answer the questions that the visitor has.

Along with having the answers they are looking for you should make sure that your answers are always educational. When you make your blog posts educational you are allowing people to see that you are a reliable resource.

You don’t always have to write posts that are just about your company, there are other pages on your website for that. Write about your industry, one topic per blog that will make it easier for a search engine to find you. 

Just because you have written a quality blog doesn’t mean that you’re done blogging. In order to have increasing results you need to blog consistently and frequently. We suggest that you blog at least 2 times a week. 

2. Your Title

The single most important thing you should have in your blog is your title. Your title is the first thing that lets the search engines know what your blog is about. Because it is so important you need to make sure that it is clear and under 70 characters, that way it doesn’t get cut off in the search engines. 

3. Format Your Blog Properly

There is also an internet marketing strategy when it comes to formatting your blog. You should consider four different things. 

  • The first is the length of your blog. If your blog is getting too long or you feel like you’re writing too much think about splitting it into multiple blogs.
  • Second, make sure you use white space and images. It isn’t just important to make sure you hold the right quality content, but you also need to make sure that it is pleasing to the eye. Because search engines can’t read an image, it’s important that you add some alt text to your image. That way when people look up the topic your image will show up in the image section of the search engine.
  • Third, make sure you use subheadings, numbers, and bolding. This way your blog has easily scan-able sections. Each visitor spends about 5 seconds looking to see if the blog they clicked on will be helpful to them, which is why you want to make it easy to scan.
  • Last, but certainly not least, write a meta description for each of your blogs. This shows up in the search results as a small paragraph underneath your blog title. It allows visitors to know what they are clicking on. Keep it under 150 characters, about one to two sentences so that the search engine won’t cut it off.

4. Calls-to-Action

Calls-to-Action help convert visitors to leads by telling them what to do next. The two most valuable places to put CTAs is at the bottom of your blog and on the blog’s side bar. The bottom CTAs should be related to something the visitor just read, something that is educational and gives them more information on the topic. It's an internet marketing best practice to have two side bar CTAs that will show up on every blog, one should be for the beginning of the buyer’s journey when they are still considering what you offer, and one for when they are ready to make a decision and buy.

Tip: Try to make a schedule for when you write blogs, that way you don’t forget and are keeping up with the consistentcy and frequency you need to get the max results.

Well there you have it! You now have no excuse as to why you can’t write a quality blog post. Whether you are an entrepreneur trying to get your business known or a mom with amazing advice for other moms out there, you now know where to start. So, what are you waiting for? Use your new internet marketing blogging knowledge to go out and start making your quality blog posts now!

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