How to Be a Good Leader & Blow Your Competition Out of the Water

January 22, 2015 / by Jessica Miley

gold_fish_leading_school_of_fishTo have the best business in your industry, you have to figure out a way to be a better leader. You already know that being a good leader is important, but why does this matter to your business? Let’s learn more on how to be a good leader to create a better business.

What is Leadership?

There are two different ways that leadership can be present in business. The first is somebody who has a higher position within the business that normally has a supervisory role. Then there is somebody who is “leading up” who is leading by influence and not necessarily in a higher position. 

Why is Leadership Important to My Business?

Knowing how to be a good leader starts with why you should be one. If your employees follow you because you are a great leader, not because you are their boss, you will have a leg up on the competition. Start by viewing leadership as a role that goes beyond your position. When you are leading and your staff is following you in your business, implementing changes becomes more seamless and there is more buy in which means that your business will be authentic. Understanding leadership and doing it well is a pivotal point in the success of your business.

How Do I Become a Better Leader?

Focus on two aspects of leadership: personal leadership development and leadership skills/tasks. The first aspect is when you are able to reflect inwards on yourself as a leader. Ask yourself these questions:

                How well can I perform?

                How well can I trust?

                Can I list my strengths and weakness?

The second aspect of leadership are the skills and task that you have to do within the company. These include your mission, vision and ethics of how you run your business. Good leaders show integrity through completing these skills and tasks which help people make the decision to follow you.

Not just knowing how to be a good leader, but actually becoming a good leader can be a difficult transition while still running your business. Do you want a business that is full of passion and provision while beating the competitors within your industry? If you are interested in business leadership consulting with experts, contact us today.

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