Happy National Small Business Week!

May 6, 2015 / by Michael K. Redman

small_business_owner_standing_outside_shop-woman_in_apronEvery year since 1963 the president of the United States has proclaimed one week a year as National Small Business Week. As a country we do this to acknowledge the amazing things that small businesses and the people who work for them do to help our country and our economy. It’s pretty amazing to see and hear about the power of this group of people of which our company, Half a Bubble Out Marketing, is a proud member of.

Half a Bubble Out is not just a marketing company - we are also small business consultants, and it really is an honor to work with so many different companies that make a difference in their own lives, in their community and in the country.

Check out these amazing facts about small companies!

  • Small Businesses are companies that have up to 500 employees
  • Small businesses make up 98% of the companies in the US that export products
  • There are approximately 6 million companies with one or more employees
  • 3.7 million companies, or 75% of the employers in the US, have between 1 and 9 employees

One of the things I love about working with our clients is the diversity of what they do. We get to see so many different ways these small companies contribute to the economy.

Our clients serve all of these industries:

  • Communication technology
  • Housing and property management
  • Services such as, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, contracting and several other trades
  • The pet industry
  • Medicine and Healthcare
  • Non-profits (which are not included in the small business statistics but are small nonetheless)

These businesses are also extremely brave and resilient. Most of our small business leaders have been in business for years and have survived more than one recession. They work hard and employ hard working people. I often think these small companies go unnoticed but it's amazing how much they give to their employees and how much they contribute to their community.

The Hignell Companies logoTake one of our clients, The Hignell Companies. They have always looked out for their employees by offering programs to encourage and support them and their families. They have recently started a foundation to help employees even more through scholarships and grants. Their major initiative is helping fund the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Hignell knows the significance of housing and how affordable housing can so often mean the difference in quality of life for so many families.

Gaynor_Telesystems_Inc_LogoGaynor Telesystems regularly contributes to their community through Rotary. Their leadership is incredibly involved in multiple communities and the Rotary Foundation is responsible for so many things. Did you know Rotary has been the main reason that Polio is all but eradicated from the earth? Rotary has been committed to this fight for decades. The Rotary Clubs Gaynor is involved in have also given scholarships to kids for college, provided clothes and school supplies to children, and supported at risk youth in the attempt to give them another chance at succeeding in life.

These are just two stories about how two different companies are making a difference in the midst of challenging financial times. I think that is awesome! 

If you are part of the leadership in a small business, thank you. Thank you for your courage and hard work and thank you for hiring employees. You should realize what kind of a legacy you are leaving and renew your commitment to it this week.

You should also step back and take a moment to think about what an impact you have as part of the rest of the small businesses in America. I know that sometimes small companies can feel insignificant in the grand scope of things but trust me, we are not.

If you work for a small business think about what a blessing it can be that someone was willing to start your company and be proud of how your contribution is part of something bigger.

I know we are.

Happy National Small Business Week!

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