Facebook's New Button Might Change Social Media For the Worst

September 17, 2015 / by Jessica Miley

hand holding L in word dislikeLet’s face it, Facebook has created a reign on our lives. There are 1.49 billion users on the popular platform and 968 million of those users are active on a daily basis. Even with the increase of business ads and lack of privacy we are all still in love with - or for the most part addicted to - staying connected to our friends, family and strangers via Facebook.

In the past, we have heard Mark Zuckerberg discuss how a “dislike” button wouldn’t be in Facebook’s future, simply because he feels that saying you don’t like something doesn’t help the social experience. This gives us some insight on how Zuckerberg would like Facebook users to be using the social media platform. Being positive is more important than being negative.

But as time has passed, there have been people wishing that there was a “dislike” button, not to stir controversy, but to be able to show empathy or understanding to a specific status post or update. This need is something that Zuckerberg could finally relate to. This week at a public Q&A session the CEO of the billion dollar company announced that something similar to a “dislike” button is in the works.

Here is a video of the announcement:

“We don’t want to turn Facebook into a forum where people are voting up or down on people’s posts.” –Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has declined to give any additional information which leaves quite a few questions unanswered for the business owners around the world. Will this button be only for personal users or businesses too? Will this be limited to posts and updates only or will users be able to “dislike” a business page? How is this going to potentially affect reviews on Facebook for businesses? So many questions like these will eventually be answered and we'll give an update when we know something.

Social media is a great way for businesses to create positive relationships with their current and potential customers. It will be interesting to see how this “dislike” button will change the dynamic between customers and businesses.

Of course we hope that Zuckerberg will think thoroughly through the implications different types of buttons could wield, and what that could do to the user experience on Facebook. But from what we have seen, the famous CEO has his sights on something that will enhance the user experience and not belittle it.

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