Facebook Announcement: Cracking Down on Annoying Brands

November 29, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

facebook_announcementSocial media can be extremely beneficial for your small business and can help with your marketing efforts. However, things are always changing and we want to help keep you up to date! Most recently, Facebook has announced that those who bombard fans with annoying promotions will see a decline in distribution. To have a successful small business it’s important to keep up on such announcements. 

Facebook continues to change its algorithm and brand exposure limits. Just to recap, at the beginning of 2014 brands started seeing less traffic on their Facebook pages due to a change in Facebook’s algorithm. Facebook started making it significantly harder for businesses to be seen by potential fans and even existing fans. 


Facebook did this so that businesses would invest in advertising. Facebook has to make money somehow and it found a really good way to—charging businesses to advertise on the site in order to reach more people. So organically it made it difficult, on purpose. Dang you, Facebook!

Now, there’s a new update. Guess what it is on? Now promotional posts [Facebook advertisements] should expect to see a decrease in distribution. But wait! This is actually a good thing. It will only penalize those bands that are annoying and bombarding fans. So if you are not one of those businesses that is doing that, you should be ok. If you do any advertising on Facebook or even just have a Facebook page for your business, this is something you’ll want to continue to read!

Here are more details on the announcement: 

Posted by Contently, Joe Lazauskas

Let’s start with Facebook’s announcement that brands and organizations that post promotional updates “should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time” starting in January—a decision social network came to after surveying 50,000 users on what they like and dislike about the platform. For the many users who don’t like to be bombarded with promotional pushes from brands they follow, it’s a welcome change. It’s also a potentially secret boon for brands already offering fans content of value.

Only good things can happen when Facebook takes a stance against all the hawkers and peddlers who give brand updates a bad name (which, let’s be honest, includes most brands on the network). Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, John Dankovchik, CEO of Splash Media Group, summed it up nicely: “Everyone wants to see relevant, interesting content. If you serve that up, you’re going to be rewarded.”

For Facebook, this is just the latest step in their quest to penalize on annoying brands and publishers. Earlier this year, they cracked down on like-baiting (“Like if you like sunshine, puppies, and Fridays!”) and the cheap recirculation of tired memes that artificially inflate engagement rates. All of the worst marketing tactics on the social network are finally being punished—that’s something I like unconditionally.

Forrester’s report is even better news because—with any luck—it will finally convince brands to use Facebook and Twitter appropriately: as a place to drive referral traffic to an owned site.

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In order to have a successful small business you need to stay up to date on current issues and announcements involving marketing. Or, you can hire a marketing agency to do that for you!

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