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November 19, 2014 / by Jessica Miley

employee_receiving_recogniztion_at_successful_small_businessThink back to the different jobs you have had. Have you ever had a boss that wasn’t a good communicator? Who didn’t set realistic goals or didn’t hold everybody in the company accountable? Have you ever had a boss that you couldn’t trust? How did this make you feel? Now look at your company. You can have a successful small business full of passion and provision but you first need to implement the fundamentals of good management.

Good Communication

How should you talk to your employees? Being a good communicator will set your employees up for success in your company. Once you clearly communicate your needs and wants to your employees, they will know what the expectations of them are for completing duties, but you are also modeling what good communication looks like in your company and they will communicate the same way as well.

Goal Setting

In order to increase the productivity in the office, you need to set realistic goals for your employees to attain. This will give them a sense of accomplishment that will also help increase the revenue of your business which puts you on track for creating a successful small business.


Once goals are set, you are able to follow through with accountability. Once your employees feel that they are accountable for something to be done, this will increase their need to perform.


You and your employees should have a level of trust within your company. Your relationships with your employees can be mutually beneficial if you work at it. Can you trust your employees? Can your employees trust you? The last thing that you want is to have a work environment that has people questioning everything that you do. It is an awful feeling to constantly question whether or not your boss has your back when making decisions regarding your department, your position or your future at the company.


After the first four fundamentals are established, you can then increase all of them by starting to use recognition as a part of your managing style. Public recognition will behave as an enhancer to the other pieces and will increase them even more. If you go straight to recognizing your employees without the key pieces that are mentioned above, then the recognition can come across as hollow or insincere.

After implementing these fundamentals of management, can you see what type of work environment you could create? A work environment that is based on good communication, set goals, accountability, trust and recognition is the type of environment that your employees will love to work in.

We know that as a small business leader, you want your company to thrive. Start by focusing on the relationships that are housed within your company. Implement these fundamentals of management and the relationships will be deeper and the passion will be stronger.

Do you need help creating your successful small business that implements these fundamentals of management? Then contact us at Half a Bubble Out. We are a marketing, advertising and consulting agency full of passion and provision that can help you get started today.

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