Confessions of a Content Marketing Agency

July 11, 2015 / by Vicky Zancanella

girl_cutting_another_girls_hairSo, Here at Half a Bubble Out we work on anything and everything to do with marketing and advertising, but most of our staff’s time is spent focusing on Content Marketing. We love crafting and promoting the great content our clients write or we write for them. It is the commonality that brings our staff together, makes us laugh and cry together and is it is also the focus of our confessionals.

So I took a few minutes to ask the Habo staff to confess to me their deepest, darkest secrets of being part of a content marketing agency. And yes, even the boss had a few to add. Enjoy!

As we know most confessionals start off with Forgive me, for I have… Well here are a few things we are asking for forgiveness for:


Forgive me for I have…

Spent too many hours analyzing why that one blog boosted blog traffic by 5000%. I can’t take my eyes off of it!

Gone to to figure out that unique punctuation rule I needed to use in a client’s blog.

Not planned blog topics a month in advance. Sometimes I get my inspiration organically from the people and things around me. Like that one time my daughter inspired me to write this blog on content marketing.

Organized my blog article like a spreadsheet. I planned out all the sections beforehand like a well-oiled machine.

Not doubled checked my grammar before submitting to the editor. Using its, your, their and sense incorrectly...again.

Taken 3 hours to write a blog because the first 2 hours were spent reading other blogs.

Scratched a whole blog at the last minute because I found a great image I just had to write about and the angle was totally different.

Clicked on competitors paid ads out of spite.

Broke spelling rules in my keyword usage just because Google says most people search for “second hand” and not “secondhand” as it should be. This goes against everything I believe in!

Accused Google of being “Big Brother” when I get a personalized ad that strikes a bit too close to home. But as a content marketing agency, we know personalization works!

Forgive me for I have…

Unfollowed you on social media. Sorry, but I am at my cap and I gave you 6 months to engage with me.

Shouted “Holy $*&!” when Guy Kawasaki or Darmesh Shah retweeted me! I was overly excited.

Used expletives towards my computer when yelling at Google Plus.

Been upset at clients who have multiple social media accounts on the same platform and didn’t even know it, let alone didn’t know their passwords or the emails associated with the accounts.

Forgot that I was Pinteresting for clients, and that I wasn’t actually logged in on my personal account when I pinned that cool quote.

Dreaded September every year…because that’s when I have to retest for my HubSpot certification.

Spent too much time studying analytics, and not gotten anything actionable out of it.

Always confused there, their and they’re. Don’t be jealous that my dyslexia gives me other superpowers.

Repeatedly told my clients that they have to blog 3 times a week, when I haven’t personally written a blog in months.

And our last confession...

(and one we confess quite often) is that this content marketing agency doesn’t ask forgiveness for absolutely LOVING our job. We love what we do, and we love the clients we do it for. And we confess that we love working together. We also confess this is a rare gift, but one we enjoy on a daily basis!


Are you ready to confess your content marketing woes? Are you ready to confess that you might need some help? If you are, then we might just be a good fit to help your company grow with content marketing. We specialize in marketing, advertising and small business consulting. We love partnering with business with everything thing from crafting your brand, telling your story, to living out what it means to be a business of passion and provision.


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