Comparing Cost Effective SEO Features & Benefits

September 21, 2015 / by Chris Vande Lune

cost_quality_efficiency_graphIs your SEO (search engine optimization) service making you money or costing you money? Are you having any success at all with your SEO efforts? A lot of small businesses go with the cheapest options, and pay for the most basic of SEO services. This type of approach may not be worth it for your business, and you may end up shelling out money and getting no results. To get an idea if your cost effective SEO is worth it you need to know the features and benefits that they offer compared to a full service SEO firm.

Here are some things that should be provided for complete and successful SEO:

  • Site analysis and competitor analysis.
  • Site optimization (images, tags, titles, etc).
  • Quality content targeted to your audience (site pages, blogs, videos, podcasts, etc).
  • Frequency – new content is developed regularly (i.e. blogs).
  • Social Media – getting your site a brand presence on social platforns, so that people are interacting with your company, talking about, liking and sharing your company.
  • Links – great inbound links to your site from trustworthy and authoritative sources.

What the discount “Cost Effective SEO” services often provide:

What some of the basic providers offer in their low monthly fee are basic analysis, site titles and tag optimization. Choosing keywords for your site and writing content may cost extra (depending on their fee structure). So, what they are really offering is a one-time evaluation and basic optimization that doesn’t help you show your authority on a given topic or show your value to customers and search engines.

Make the most of your SEO strategy

Your ideal SEO strategy will depend on the size of your marketing budget. If you go the “discount” route, make sure you are filling in the gaps with your own efforts where the discount service falls short (like weekly blogging). Also make sure you aren’t paying monthly for a one time evaluation and not much ongoing effort on the SEO’s part. If you can afford it, go with someone who does it all. That’s really the best way to make sure you get true cost effective SEO that pays off for you.

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