Building Relationships with Passion and Provision in Your Successful Small Business

November 5, 2014 / by Jessica Miley

HaBOGroupYou walk into your business and see the positive hustle and bustle along with smiles of your employees that are true and genuine. You find yourself valuing those relationships that are housed within the walls of your business. How do you nurture these relationships while trying to aspire to owning a successful small business? Let’s look at passion and provision that can live in your business to help you and your employees thrive.

Passion and Provision

When you have passion for what you are doing, you can say without hesitation that “I don’t just like what I’m doing, I love it.” What if your employees had the same feeling about their careers? This would create a happier and healthier workplace that works smoothly and effectively. Having passion in your workplace creates company culture that will nurture safe relationships.

Provision refers to the company being financially stable so that you are able to provide yourself and your employees to give them the means to live. Without provision, basic needs won’t be met outside of the workplace, and your company won’t grow, which means a stressful environment within the workplace. You need provision to have a successful small business that is healthy and will continue to offer the means to help your employees prosper.

We know that you see value and the potential of your team. By creating a company that is full of passion and provision, you are able to make the business thrive and excel together. When your employees are passionate about their jobs, then they will want your successful small business to become even more fruitful for everybody’s benefit.

According to Gallup, when looking at the bigger picture, 63% of the population are disengaged from their jobs and 24% are actively disegngaged. Being disengaged effects everybody in the company. Financial instability is a problem that everyone in the company feels, they start discussing the problem, it takes away from their efficiency at work.  But what if you have a company that engages everybody at the same time? At Half a Bubble Out we know it’s possible.

We want your company to have a sense of purpose, satisfaction and contribution for all of your employees at different levels. Your successful small business will help you reach your financial goals and dreams and those of the people that work with you. We believe that passion and provision supports each other and can make your company and community better.

Does this sound like a dream that you would like to be your reality? Contact us and we can help you create a passion and provision company that will be fruitful emotionally and financially for years to come. 


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