A Tale of Increased Website Conversion- Are You This Young Chap?

May 22, 2014 / by Vicky Zancanella

story of website conversionKeeping the doors of your business open and continuing to grow your business takes customers. Nowadays, using internet marketing to continue to get more customers is a great strategy, but what happens when just having a website isn’t working?

Why, when you have a great product or service, and you have lots of visitors to your website, are you not getting more leads and more customers and seeing increased website conversion numbers?

Well, let me tell you a little tale from long ago…

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a young chap who had a brilliant way to help people. He just didn’t know how to get the word out to those across the land that his gadget could really change their lives and revolutionize how they did their dishes.

He was also a bit tech savvy and so he created a web parchment that gave all the facts and figures and diagrams of this gadget. Many people heard about his parchment and went to look at this newfangled gadget.

The problem for our young chap was that no one was actually ordering his gadget. He had them all packaged and ready to be delivered by horse drawn cart (or if they lived along the river, there was the cargo barges). His gadget worked brilliantly and yet, most of the people of the land were still doing their dishes the old fashioned way and their lives weren’t being changed for the better.

Our young chap scratched his head. He couldn’t understand why, with such a great gadget and such a wonderful web parchment that everyone was reading and sharing with the village down the way, why were his sales not soaring? Why was he not seeing increased parchment conversion?

Our young chap had but one problem, he forgot to create a way for his fans, readers and interested villagers to connect with him. He forgot about giving the villagers an opportunity to convert on his web parchment. His parchment had no contact information and no easy way for his readers to convert from just being a reader to becoming a customer. There was nothing for the villagers TO DO on his web parchment.

What could he do? He searched the local monastery’s library of blogs and learned that web parchments needed to be more than just a stagnant piece of parchment. It needed to be interactive and provide a way for his readers to engage.

To see increased conversion, he needed to provide buttons and forms and even free information his visitors could take with them and read more about his brilliant gadget. He could even add a market stall for villagers to buy his product right from the parchment! These ideas revolutionized the way he started using his web parchment and low and behold, he sold his gadget to customers far and wide across the land.


What about you? Are you like our young chap? Are you having trouble increasing your website conversion? Do you have lots of visitors, but not many takers?

You may need to consider having a website audit done on your website so that you can get a better picture of what you are missing. Maybe you don’t have forms, maybe you forgot to put your phone number or contact information on your site. It could be that simple, or it could be a more sophisticated strategy that is needed to see increased website conversions for your business.

We recommend you get an outside point of view to see if you are missing some big pieces, or possibly need to tweak your message to reach and speak to your ideal customer. You may even benefit from a good software to help you out.

For a website audit, give us a call and we can help you see what areas you can speak to your target market even better and start increasing your website conversion today!

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