Why Blog? It’s One Simple Step to Soaring Marketing Success

May 15, 2014 / by Vicky Zancanella

Why Blog? Take one stepTired of long detailed marketing plans that include too many steps? Ready for the one step that can make your business soar? 

Blog. That’s right. Blog.

You may be asking, "Why Blog?" I just want to be marketing my business. 

The one simple step that can transform your business and take over your marketing strategy is as simple as writing a blog post a day. You (with all your ideas, thoughts, and experiences) can use your expertise to increase brand awareness and share your solution using blogging as part of an inbound marketing strategy. 

Why is blogging a critical piece of inbound marketing?

The core of an inbound marketing strategy is to produce relevant, helpful and fun content that people are actually searching for. Yes, you can spend tons of time and money on developing a website with layers upon layers of pages with categories and subjects galore. But ain’t nobody got time for that!

Since inbound marketing is all about creating content, and what better way to create content that answers questions, provides solutions, and educates your future customers than with a simple blog article each day.

So how do you produce blog content to get people’s attention?

Write. That’s right. Write.

Take an hour a day and just write. But what do you write your blogs about?

Write blogs about what you know.

You are the expert in your industry and you are definitely the expert in your small business so write about what is familiar to you.

Write blogs about what you do.

The things you do every day probably come naturally to you. You may not think it is anything special, but believe me, there are many people out there trying to learn more about a topic you’ve got nailed.

Write blogs about the TV show finale you watched last night.

Make connections from the world around you with your industry. Write about shared experiences and hot topics. Newjack the trending topics currently being discussed in the media.

Write blogs to entertain.

Your potential customers are searching for answers, but we all like a good story too! Tell the stories, show your sense of humor or share an insight you have on a topic. It doesn't have to be so "businessy" all the time. Be real and have fun with your blogs!

But most importantly:

Write blogs that answer questions your potential customers have.

People search for answers and solutions every day. In fact, there are over 40,000 searches on Google each second! WHAT!? and over 15% of the queries have never been searched for before. What a great opportunity to make your blog the place they get their answers!

On a side note: for some distracting fun check out to see just how much is going on as you are reading this blog! Here were my results when I visited this website:

 Google search statistics

Since so many searches are happening every second, it makes sense for your small business to take advantage of all this internet traffic and get your brand out there with blog articles.

As you write blogs, you will be adding content to your website, and improving your status in the eyes of the search engines. And guess what, people will find you. You will see them come out of the woodwork!

So what are you waiting for? Open that Word doc and start pouring out your expert ideas! Write that blog, and believe me you won’t want to stop. From now on, as you are going through your daily business interactions, you will hear ideas, meet new people, and see solutions to problems. But now you will have a place to share that with your audience.

You will stop asking, “Why blog?” and start saying, “Why not blog?!”

And the results will surprise you! It did for us! We increased our website traffic 1000% in less than a year. So jump on board and take the one step to launch your business to success. We have seen it happen to many small businesses, so our question to you is, “Why not yours?”

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