15 Internet Marketing Tips to Help You Write Your First Blog Post

February 18, 2014 / by Paige Gilbert

man scared at computerBlogging is not scary. I repeat: blogging is not scary. Anyone can do it – yes, even you! The first thing you should know is that you are not alone. Even big time bloggers wrote a first blog at some point. If you are just starting to get your feet wet with an online strategy for your business, here are some internet marketing tips for a first time blogger.

Getting Started

1.  Set aside a time each week to blog. Schedule it on your calendar. Be committed and actually use the blogging time you scheduled to blog - not check email!

2.  Set a timer. The point is to start getting into the habit of blogging. If you can only devote an hour right now, then set the timer for an hour. Only have 30 minutes? It’s better than nothing.

3. Know your topic and your keyword. If you’re working with an internet marketing agency like us, then we will have already had a couple of strategy meetings with you to help you determine your target keywords and brainstorm blogging topics.

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What to Write About

4.  Think of common questions you hear customers asking. Then write down how you would respond to them.

5.  Use real-life examples. Write about experiences you’ve personally had.

6.  Educate your readers. Here are some starter suggestions in bold and how they could be used:

  • Common Mistakes Made When Purchasing Office Phone Systems”
  • Top Tips for Secondhand Shopping”
  • Best Practices for Preventing Toenail Fungus”
  • How to Do Your Taxes Better”
  • What Not to Do With Your Old Computer System”
  • 11 Reasons to Love Apartment Living”

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Supporting Material

7.  Research outside references. It’s okay to quote and refer to other professionals, partners or relevant online sources. When you do, as a best practice include a link to their site.

8.  Images or video. Adding a relevant image or informative video to your blog article helps make it more interesting, and reaches different personality types.

9.  Case studies. Try using case studies from your own customers to illustrate a problem and solution. Success stories work great!

Formatting Guidelines

10. Keep the blog article length between 500-800 words.

11. Use bullet points and headers when possible.

12. Use the entire keyword phrase in the title, the first 120 words of the blog, and in the last paragraph.


How to add keywords cheat sheet


Bonus Tips:

13. Write in second person, present tense.

14. Make content welcoming and easy to digest.

15. Write what you know!

Starting to blog can seem like an overwhelming endeavor, but you once you start and persevere I promise you will find it getting easier and easier. You’ll realize how quickly an hour went by, how naturally your keyword phrase spills onto the page, and how frequently you think to yourself, “that would be a great blog topic!”

Most importantly, once you start blogging consistently, the closer you’ll be to seeing results. We recommend blogging at least twice a week. How fast you’ll start seeing results from blogging will depend on a lot of factors, like how many people are searching for the keyword phrase you’re using, how often you’re blogging, and the other pieces and parts of your internet marketing strategy you have in place. Remember, the goal of your blog is to offer helpful, valuable information to your target audience

We hope you found these internet marketing tips to be helpful as you begin writing your first blog. If you’d like to learn more about how an internett marketing agency could help you, check out this offer. Good luck blogging! 


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