Understanding What Makes a Good Website is Like Speed Dating

April 23, 2014 / by Jessica Miley

on a date - what makes a good websiteHave you ever opened a website that was just lame? These websites normally have messages that are jumbled, poor website navigation, or content that isn’t appropriate for the audience in which they are trying to help. What makes a good website? Searching the web is like speed dating now-a-days. We have so many options to choose from and so little time that we turn to others to narrow the search down for us. Speed dating is popular because the dating pool is narrowed down for us and we are only given a set amount of time with each person on the “date.”

Search engines do something similar for websites. Google, Bing. Yahoo! and other search engines give us the top searched and best quality websites first. Because of this, it’s important for businesses to understand what makes a good website. Here are the top three concepts that you should master to make sure your website is ready to hit those search engines.


In the dating world, this is your physical appearance. Attraction is important to successful relationships but also to creating a successful website. Is your website good looking and well maintained? Does it have good color design that correlates with your company’s branding image? It’s important for your website to be simple, have a distinct color scheme, and clear navigation. Your viewers shouldn’t have questions regarding your website layout. It should easily guide the viewers to the next logical step of viewing your website. If you confuse potential leads, then they will be more willing to move onto the next prospect that will help them. And you always want to look good on a date right?


When we want to find the perfect match, we look for someone who is simply a good person. Now let’s take this to your website. What can your website do for somebody else? What does your website have to offer? Blogs, videos, photos etc. is what makes a good website. This is the character of your website which shows the character of your business. This is also how people judge if your website can actually help them solve their problem. So if you don’t have any content to give to people then it’s likely they will move on to the next one. Which means you can say bye-bye to any potential business with those viewers.


In the dating world, this would be the things that you do or change to enhance yourself as a package to those who are prospective dates. In the website world, this is using components like keywords to attract more people to your website and tell Google what your website is about. The keywords help with attracting search engines as well. But it is important to remember that what makes a good website is that you are helping people solve their problems. So you use keywords for people first, and search engines second.

In the wonderful world of internet marketing, it is always good to remember that there is probably always somebody who is more creative and innovative than you. It's always good to change things for the better. Keep information up-to-date and relevant. There are many more things that you should consider about what makes a good website, but these three things listed above are great starting points to ensure that you not only attract people to your website, but convert them to leads, then close the sale, and continue to delight them as customers to make sure that they continue to use your services. 

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