Increase Website Conversion With Minor Changes to Your Website

March 19, 2014 / by Natasha Hawkins

attracting targetsInternet marketing has switched gears and many marketers who jumped on the social media bandwagon to help increase website conversion are now realizing that getting traffic to a website does no good if there aren’t planned calls-to-action, offers, and conversion processes set in place for visitors before they get there.

For example, what good does it do if people show up to your site, if nothing urges them to buy from you, call you, or download an offer. This does no good at all!

How Can You Evaluate Website Conversion Per Page?

A good way to assess the effectiveness of your pages is to analyze each page that has an opportunity for a conversion. Pay special attention to pages that have calls-to-action (CTAs) or are landing pages. The pages should be designed to increase website conversion.

conversion equation

What Is A Good Conversion Rate?

That’s a great question. In the past marketers have sworn by a 1-3% conversion rate, and in some cases this is still true. However, the conversion rate evaluation should be customized to your business needs. For example if you’re paying for Paid Advertising (PPC, Adwords, Double-Clicks, etc.) and you’re paying a $1 per click on PPC, and have a 10% conversion rate, but in the end only make a $2 profit per sale then you’re going to be in trouble.

On the flip side, if your product or industry makes $500,000 per sale, then even a .1% conversion rate would make you more than happy.

To narrow down your goal conversion rate consider these three scenarios from www. . Which would you prefer for your business?

  1. 100 visitors/day converting at 5%
  2. 500 visitors/day converting at 1%
  3. 5,000 visitors/day converting at 1%

The Easiest Way to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Explain the benefits of your business, products, or service.  Summarize the benefits of your product or service in 3-5 bullet points. Search Engine Journal has a very convincing case study from 2009.

Study from Search Engine Journal:

In 2009, Hurtigruten launched online booking. To increase the number of people who initiated an online booking, we created a page that outlined all available Norwegian cruises (five in total), which linked directly into the online booking process.

For 1.5 years, the page received a steady stream approximately 300 visits per day. In order to improve the page, we wanted to explain to visitors that booking online was easier than calling into the call center. So, we created a list of 5 reasons why someone should book online.

  • No online booking fees
  • Online booking guarantee
  • 100% secure order process
  • Easy to use booking system
  • 24/7 Customer support and live chat

These 5 benefits took less than 5 minutes to write and increased the number of initiated bookings by 193%, which resulted in an increase in online sales of approx. $100,000 per year. (Source: Search Engine Journal)

This is a simple and practical way to make a minor change on your website or landing page, and get a big return on investment.

I hope this blog article has convinced you to give your website some much needed love. Remember an increase in website conversion mean more customers, which translates to better cash flow!

Food for Thought:

“Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless. “

-Thomas A. Edison

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