[Quiz] How Are Your Local SEO Services for Small Business Working for You?

February 21, 2014 / by Natasha Hawkins

170883239 resized 600Are your current SEO services for small business helping you become visible to your potential customers? Do a quick test, and compare your business to other fully optimized businesses. Don’t worry it only takes a second!


Test Your Small Business & Learn What You Can Do To Improve Your SEO


Before you take the quiz...

Step 1. Make sure you're signed out of your Google account.

This might be Gmail, Google+, or any other Google product.

Signing out is important. If you are signed in to a Google product you will see customized search results based on your location and your past search history. So if you have searched for your own site in the past it will easily show up when searching while signed in. We want an unbiased search to simulate what your potential customers will see.

Step 2. Search for your business

Your potential customers will search for you in a number of ways, but it’s important to start with the most obvious first - your business name. You might think, "duh I know I show up for my business name." This might be true, but do you know what shows up for your business or what your customers will see?

Why is it important that you know what shows up in search results for your business?

Think of it this way, your search result is the first contact your business has with a potential customer. You will want everything your potential customer sees to be in line with your business. Plus you really don’t want them to get information that might be outdated or worse, wrong!

Step 3. Analyze

A successful search for your business should include a Google+ page that shows in search results and to the right side of search results. The Google+ listing should include important information about your business and a few other elements. Test your search result with our scoring system!

Answer the questions below, then tally your score, and compare at the end. 

1. Does your business show up in search results?

Yes (+1)

No (-1) Stop and Skip to Compare Your Score


2. Do you see a Google+ Listing?

Yes (+1)

No (-1) Stop and Skip to Compare Your Score

It might look something like this...

local seo services for small business 

3. Does your Google+ listing show your phone number?

Yes (+1)

No (-1) 


4. Is the phone number correct?

Yes (+2)

No (-2) 


5. Does your listing include an address?

Yes (+1)

No (-1) 


6. Is the address correct?

Yes (+2)

No (-1) 


7. In your search result, do you see a link to Google+?

Yes (+1)

No (-3) 


8. Does your Google+ listing show a map?

Yes (+1)

No (-1) 

 Google+ local seo listing

9. Are there photos linked to your Google+ Page?

Yes (+1)

No (-1) 


10. Does your listing include a good description of your business and what you do?

Yes (+1)

No (-1) 


11. Do you have any Google Reviews on your Google+ listing?

Yes (+1)

No (-1) 


12. How many reviews does your listing have?

a. 5 or more (+5)

b. 4 (+4)

c. 3 (+3)

d. 2 (+2)

e. 1 (+1)

f. 0 (+0)


13. How many of your Google+ reviews are positive?

a. All (+3)

b. 75% (+2)

c. 50% (+0)

d. 25% (-1)

e. None (-2)

f. I have no Google+ Reviews (+0)

Please add up all your points for a total score.


How Does Your Business Size Up? SEO for Small Business Levels

Each of these questions are very important and your score reflects how well you have optimized your website and Google+ local listing for search results. Please keep in mind that Google+ is just one part of a successful local SEO strategy, and to bring in more customers for your business you will need integrated SEO services for small business. Now that you have added up your points, see where you landed on the SEO scoring system.


Score between (-1) and 5 – Your Listing is Hurting Your Business

Your customers rarely see you when they search, and you are very hard to find. When your local listing does show up, they often see wrong information, and can’t find your actual website. Plus they can’t find your offices or location information. To improve your SEO you may need to create or claim your Google+ listing.

Score between  6 and 9 – Your Listing Needs Work

Your customers can find you when searching, but they get the wrong information and never click on your listing because, well it’s boring. There are no pictures, reviews, maps, or other interesting selling points for your business. To improve your listing you need to update your Google+ listing.

Score between 10 and 13 – You're Showing Up, But Your Missing Out On Customers

Your heading in the right direction, but still need work. Your listing has mostly correct information for your business and some reviews. But your reviews might be negative, and this tells potential customers that your business might not be trustworthy or good at what it does. You need help cleaning up these bad reviews and balancing them with positive reviews.

Score between 14 and 17 – Your Close! You Just Need to Fine Tune

Your listing looks great! But you might have a few minor issues to sort out. These issues might be negative reviews, missing images, or even a wrong phone number. To take your listing to the next level and ensure potential customers are getting the right information, you should edit your Google+ listing and add all the bells and whistles. You might even send your current happy customers an email asking them to review you on Google+.

Score Between 18 and 21 – Great Job! Is It Performing?

Impressive! Your listing is perfectly optimized and ready to do business! Sure you might have a few things to add, to make it even better, but for the most part you did the work and potential customers will find you.

What now?

Are potential customers finding your listing or website when searching for your services? Local SEO is a necessity. SEO services for small business can bring in new customers and increase your cash flow! Interested? Contact Us today and we can chat! Or check out our download below to learn more about internet marketing.

Guide to Internet Marketing

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