SEO Services for Small Business: You Get What You Pay For

October 10, 2013 / by Vicky Zancanella

So many people out there are looking for the quick, cheap and easy fix. Most small business owners understand that in their industry the quick, cheap fix doesn’t always end up as the easy fix. It usually means going back and doing the job again, purchasing better quality or even in the long run, losing business. In essence, the job takes longer, costs more money and is harder on everyone.

Just as this concept applies to many industries--from construction to beauty supplies, and auto mechanics to footwear--putting in extra time, energy and resources pays off in the long run. This applies to SEO services for small businesses as well. If you are paying your friend’s son $100 a month to do SEO for your small business, you are probably getting what you’re paying for. You may be getting an awesome deal and the young guy might really know what he is doing. Who knows, maybe you have hired a young Bill Gates or Matt Cutts, but realistically you aren’t that lucky! A great read for small business owners is a blog by Andrew Shotland about a small business owner's firsthand experience with SEO

SEO services for small business are worth the investment

You are not just making a one-time purchase; you are investing in an ongoing service that is going to keep your business marketing “tuned-up” and running.

Sailboat SEO servicesHow would you prepare for a sailing trip across the Atlantic in a sailboat carrying your investments as cargo? Would you hire someone to prep your sailboat, set all the rigging and sails and then take off across the open water with no one to man your ship? NO!

Neither would you hire a friend who knows a bit about sailing and has sailed a lake or two. You are crossing the ocean carrying your precious cargo. You should be considering it an investment to hire someone who knows what they are doing and will stay with you the whole trip.

Whether you outsource your SEO services or hire an SEO specialist to work in house, you need to make sure they are there for the journey to partner with you along the way. When the winds shift or the currents change they are there to adjust the rigging, trim the sails and steer you and your small business in the right direction as to stay on course.

Here are a few tips to remember:

Establish a well built boat to start with

Starting out with a well designed and thought out website as well as good quality keyword research will give your small business a good foundation on which to build your SEO and internet marketing strategies.  When your boat isn’t well made, later on the journey it will bite you in the stern (to keep with the sailing theme:-).

Invest in equipment that will work for you and not cause you more work

The right tools make or break a job. My husband will invest in a good tool to do a job well because he has learned from experience that having the right tools saves you so much time and energy and they are worth the investment. This is true for SEO services for small business as well. When you have the right tools in place, you can focus more on getting the job done well.

Stick with a strategy that will withstand changes and storms

Cutting corners or taking the easy route doesn’t usually end well.  Choose to go for the long term results and be realistic in your expectations. We are living in a culture of instant gratification and immediate results. Be careful of SEO services for small busienss that promise overnight #1 ranking on Google and instead focus on a well built strategy such as inbound marketing. It will take more time, but you will have a more stable ship when the currents shift.

Don’t lose sight of your goals

When you are out on the open water and there are shifting winds, be mindful of your goals and those dreams you have for your small business. Make sure your SEO services continue to steer you in that direction even if the waves seem too big. You may not be able to navigate the wall of water head on, but the right SEO services can navigate your business through the rough seas and keep you heading in the direction of your goals.


There are so many pieces to the SEO puzzle (and believe me, the puzzle picture shifts quite often) that partnering with someone who understands the shifts, prepares ahead of time for them and can help you navigate when they do happen can be a great investment for your small business.

Whether you decide to outsource or to hire someone in house, make sure you have an understanding of what your small business needs are and what SEO services will be the best for your marketing strategy. It may take some time, research, and ability to admit what you don’t know, but in the long run preparing your ship and hiring the right crew will get you to your destination in one piece! You definitely don't want to end up with a sinking ship!

SEO services sunken ship 

SEO services for small business seem to be popping up everywhere with a range of pricing plans and services offered. No doubt, on a daily basis, your business receives emails and contact submissions offering these services.

As you consider what is best for your business, remember: You get what you pay for!


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