5 Things That Scare Us About SEO Services for Small Business (When Done Wrong)

July 6, 2013 / by Travis Martin

scared geek resized 600We all know it to be true. Not everyone has the same morals, values and skill sets, so when it comes to hiring out SEO services for small business you need to make sure you’re aware of what could go wrong. So, we’re here to list a few things you should keep an eye out for when hiring SEO services for small business.

Let’s start…

Communication and Structure

Does the SEO service have an internet marketing team that works together synergistically or segmented? This is important to know because a lot of companies segment off their departments. You have the blog writing people, social media nerds, website design geeks and management. What’s wrong with this? Sometimes it’s that one department will have an idea of where they think a client’s vision is going but they don’t communicate their perception of the vision with other departments, ending up with a company structure that’s working on their individual pieces of the business without companywide communication. This causes errors in all of their marketing efforts.            

Keywording Marketing Content

This is a big deal and needs to be looked over with careful eyes. You might be surprised at how convoluted this part of the SEO internet marketing process is. You’ll have your blog writers using specific keywords to write their content but the CTA and Press Release writers are using different keywords within the same campaign.

Make sure the SEO services company you hire knows what keywords you would like to use and checks to see if they are being used consistently through your marketing content.

Defined Focus

Where is your business going? When you enter the door to an internet marketing company looking for SEO services for your small business do you have a clear vision in mind of where you want your business to go, or are you willing to let that decision be made by your outsourced marketing company?

If you don’t have a vision of what you would like to see, and find ways to make it measureable along the way, then you might as well throw your money out the window. Know exactly what you would like to see in return for the money you’re about to invest in this SEO service company.

Frequent Communication

When you sign the contract for the SEO services company to start work for your small business, make sure you are aware of the check-in points to review progress or schedule an update for periodical reviews about how progress is going. If you pay a company and just forget about them and let them do their work without checking up on their progress, then it is your fault if your website or content turns out differently then you expected it to be.

Schedule a follow up meeting or schedule one or two times a month where you check in with your SEO service company to gain perspective on where your company is going.

Get Educated

Before hiring SEO services for small business it’s best to have some type of understanding of what you’re getting yourself into. Do yourself a favor and watch this video below. It will walk you through a few steps that are important to talk about with whatever company you go with for your SEO services.

Know your stuff and you won’t get used.

Are You Ready?

The most important aspect of hiring an SEO service company is doing your homework. Find out what you’re getting yourself, your business and your employees into. Take the time to ask the right questions and make sure you feel comfortable with the knowledge presented to you.

The last thing you want is to commit to a company performing internet marketing SEO services that end up taking your business’ vision in a totally different direction then desired.

So, with that said, go out and start doing your homework. If you’re tired of looking and would like a company that knows about SEO services for small business simply give us a call or contact us here.

Best of luck!

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